Virtual Reality is interactivity in such a way that the user actually feels immersed in the world that the computer creates. Special clothing, headgear and equipment, depending upon the application. The clothing contains sensors that record the users movements and immediately transmit that information back to the computer. For example, to walk through a virtual reality simulation of a house, you would need garb that monitors the movement of your feet, hands and head. You would also need goggles that contain video screens and also audio attachments and feeling gloves so that you can be immersed in the computer feedback. Virtual reality also provides benefits in educational, scientific and business work. Japan has just put it to work in its[…]

In order to determine the effects of video games on the heart, we must look at several different things. First, we must determine which specific areas we want to investigate. Looking at increased heart rate and blood pressure, we need to determine the average maximum heart rate for the age group being tested. We must determine what factors can cause one’s heart rate to increase, and we must look at the current studies in regard to the various social effects of video and other electronic games. The main way that we increase our heart rate is through exercise, and even then health care professionals recognize the importance of pacing yourself. In order to pace yourself, you must determine your target[…]

Video games were first introduced in the 1970s. By the end of that decade they had become a preferred childhood leisure activity, and adults responded with concern about the possible ill effects of the games on children. Early research on these effects was inconclusive. However, a resurgence in video game sales that began in the late 1980s after the introduction of the Nintendo system has renewed interest in examining the effects of video games. Some research suggests that playing video games may affect some children’s physical functioning. Effects range from triggering epileptic seizures to causing heart rate and blood pressure changes. Serious adverse physical effects, however, are transient or limited to a small number of players. Research has also identified[…]

Invitro is defined as, “In glass, as in a test tube” (Taber’s cyclopedic dictionary,1993), hence with reference to invitro fertilization, the term “Test tube baby”. The first ‘test tube baby’ was Louise Brown of England (Jonsen, A. R., 1996). Dr. Patrick Steptoe and Professor Robert Edwards combined an ovum from Mrs. Brown, and sperm from Mr. Brown cultured it in a petri dish, and reimplanted the now embryo into Mrs. Brown’s uterus (Jonsen, A. R.,1996). The result was the same as a child born in the usual way, only the means to the end was different. The media had a field day with this, and since then, reproduction as we know it has changed. We now use the term “assisted[…]

“UNIX was the first operating system designed to run on ‘dissimilar’ computers by converting most hardware specific commands in machine language into an independent programming language called ‘C,’” Jon Wolfe writes in the Nashville Business Journal. (Wolfe 29) UNIX was the basis of AT&T’s telephone system and the government’s wide area network system. Then it became the basis of communication between engineers and scientists, and eventually the basis of communication for everyone worldwide (World Wide Web (Web)). It has held this remarkable spot since 1969. However, in the 1990s there are competitors in the market, namely, Microsoft Corporation with its Windows NT product. But UNIX-based software suppliers are not just turning over and letting the competitors win. UNIX supporters are[…]

In the 1990s the personal computer revolution turned into the social computer revolution. The thrill of having sophisticated computer power on your desktop turned out to be just the beginning, once your machine could connect to everyone else’s via telephone lines. There is a global computer the size of humanity taking shape. Now that everybody can publish their own interests to a world audience on the Net, we learn irreversibly that the world is far stranger and more interesting that we would ever guess from magazines, books and broadcast media. Our sense of the world is altered and, oddly enough, in an optimistic direction. Two simple-seeming devices — search engines and links — have made search-space on the Internet more[…]

rograms running in the Background Sometimes you will run into the problem where two programs that are installed on your PC conflict with each other and refuse to run at the same time. It can be tricky to find the culprit, because you think that no other programs were running, so what could possibly conflict? You’d be surprised at how many programs are running on your PC right now. Take a look right now and be amazed. Push Control (Ctrl), Alternate (Alt) and Delete (Del) on your keyboard right now. You should now see a dialog box labeled Close Programs. In there is a list of some pretty funny looking names. Each one of those is a program running right[…]

This country’s economy thrives on its trade secrets and without them the economy would lack its competitive edge and economic value. The trade secret laws date back to Roman law which punished a person who forced another person to reveal secrets relating to his master’s commercial affairs. The current trade secret laws evolved in England during the Industrial Revolution and the first reported trade secret case in the United States was Vickery versus Welch in 1837. In 1979 the National Conference of Commissioners of Uniform State Law imposed the Uniform Trade Secrets Act which has now been adopted by a majority of the states. In previous years these laws have been modified to meet the needs of our growing technological[…]

Systems Analyst analyses, designs and implements the information gathered previously to a system, the final product which is a report of yearly sales, profits, etc. The first thing a Systems Analyst does is to interview the company which wants the report, (called the user) to find out what kind of report they want, format, etc. They must find whether the report is feasible or not, and to find out, they do an analysis of the project. To analyze the project, they must find out where are they going to get the information, how, when is the project going to be done, etc. They then design the system, which is to make a’skeleton’ of the project. They write specifications, of what[…]

How do I remove SubSeven? Removing SubSeven is a two-step procedure due to you having to shutdown and delete the trojan. Firstly, boot into MS-DOS mode. Do this by shutting down your computer and starting it up again. While its loading press F8 multiple times until you get a text based list. This will have an option called “Command prompt only”. This is MS-DOS so move the highlighter onto that and press enter. This will load DOS and you will be prompted with C:\*. You are now in DOS mode. Now that you’re in DOS, type cd windows. This will take you into the Windows directory. It will look like something like this: Now you must delete some files. You[…]