JingoTalk®, Click-To-Call Service Connects Web Site Visitors to the Phone; Instantly

JingoTalk™, connects web site visitors to the call center with the click of a button.

(PRWEB) August 24, 2005 -- Minorbridge, Inc., (www.minorbridge.com) a leading provider of custom application development, web design and IT outsourcing announced today that JingoTalk™, the industry's first fully-integrated, web-based Click-To-Call solution is now available.

JingoTalk™ allows web visitors to connect for free with companies over the phone, immediately, at the click of a button. Callers simply click on a Click-To-Talk link and submit their phone number; right away their phone rings with a company representative on the other line ready to help them.

Based upon company research, Minorbridge found people prefer 3-to-1 to have a live voice conversation than email or web chat. JingoTalk™ is intended to change the way businesses offer customer service by providing their visitors with a more convenient and efficient way of doing business with their company.

"There are many organizations that provide web chat or email in addition to their phone number for visitors to contact them, but the convenience, customer service and wow-factor that JingoTalk™ provides visitors creates instant results for businesses" says Mark Bold, Minorbridge co-founder and chief executive officer. "Web chat was cool in 1997, when people didn't want to log off of the dial-up internet to make a phone call, but with broadband and the latest voice over IP technology, JingoTalk™ brings the traditional and preferred communication of the phone to the web." Mark adds, “Businesses today are faced with increasing competition, better customer service from their customers and greater demand for faster return on investment from management, and JingoTalk™ provides this. It can handle millions of calls a day and the voice quality is just as good as using your home phone.”

When asked about pricing for this new service, Mark states, “Of course this service is free to web site visitors, just as a toll free call doesn’t cost consumers a thing. There are several factors to consider, but for the most part companies can expect JingoTalk™ to be just as affordable as cell phone service.”

JingoTalk™ is easily inserted into any web site, newsletter or browser-based application and can be live and ready-to-go within hours.

JingoTalk™ features include the ability for companies to:

*     Add Click-To-Call to newsletters, web sites, online ads (like Google Adwords and banner ads), voice-embedded email signatures
*     Create as many Click-To-Call spots as desired
*     Capture key information such as email address, product or service calling about
*     Receive message and key information via email
*     Leave a text message if not available
*     Push a Survey, Coupon, or Web Page to visitors
*     Branded to your company (custom form, custom voice ad)
*     Fully Integrate with CRM and Call Center applications
*     Pass caller id (ANI or DNIS) for screen pop on call center applications
*     Allows for visitor to block caller id before call
*     Rules based call routing

JingoTalk™ will be available in two versions, JingoTalk™ SMB, for Small to Midsize Businesses, and JingoTalk™ Enterprise, for larger corporations that need advanced integration services and larger call volume.

JingoTalk™ is fully hosted and requires no additional hardware or software. www.jingotalk.com.

About Minorbridge
Minorbridge provides custom application development, IT outsourcing, mobile application development, consulting, internet marketing and voice over IP solutions. Minorbridge is also provider of Signature Talk™, a voice-embedded Click-To-Call email signature for any outgoing email. For more information, contact Minorbridge at info(at)minorbridge.com.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/8/prweb275849.htm