pcNames.com Enhances Their Free Domain Search Engine

pcNames.com, a free domain search engine, has surpassed their goal of 10,000 searches in their fist three weeks online. To make things easier for the user, pcNames.com has added many new enhancements.

Thus far pcNames.com has received many valuable comments and suggestions from its users. From these suggestions an advanced filter has been developed and implemented, which reduces the large 4 million-domain database used in the current search down to less than a half a million domains. These domains are all short (15 characters or less) 2-word domains. For example, if the user searches for the word car, every domain that comes up will contain the word car and only one additional English word or acronym. This added feature removes the garbage, which includes misspellings and long awkward looking domain names, which are deleted each day. Users have the option to turn off this filter to use a broader search as well. pcNames.com has re-written the search engine using what’s commonly referred to as AJAX. AJAX is the technology used in gmail and google maps to give the web page more of an “application feel” versus that of a web page. AJAX not only speeds up the search, but also allows for a much smoother operation, by only refreshing the actual results rather than the entire page.

www.pcNames.com, has advanced its management system used for purchased domains. Our management system has 3 categories, which allows for quick access and easy editing for each domain owned. There is now a quick edit box located at the top of the management system allowing users to quickly go to any domain they choose. After typing in each letter the system will auto complete the input box with the user’s domain, which contains the letters typed.

“pcNames.com is dedicated to our users and their needs. We have added a user poll at the bottom of the search page allowing users to quickly add their comments as they use our system. We have taken these comments seriously and implemented each and every suggestion posted.” says President and Founder Chris Richmond. He goes on to add “We have been working hard over the past 3 weeks to bring the very best domain search engine to the web. In the future, we will also be adding many new features and expanding the dictionary used in this new advanced filter.”

This free deleted domain search engine can be found at (http://www.pcNames.com). For additional information or to schedule an interview, contact Chris Richmond at (702) 281-1828 or via email at (http://www.pcNames.com/contact.php).

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/9/prweb281006.htm