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FF/IE Compatible Web Pages- There is a new development in the web design world, web pages that can be viewed equally in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) September 14, 2004 -- Test IE Compatibility Inside Firefox!

FF/IE Compatible Web Pages - There is a new development in the web design world, web pages that can be viewed equally in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

This is something we have been longing for, for quite a while, and, in my
humble opinion, something that can have a profound disrupting role in
how IT departments and Web developers will select their Web coding and
testing standards.

As it appears, we may have a full opportunity to finally and fully break out from IE's deadly stranglehold on Web page development.
Check out “FF/IE WebPages” at This item now has
information that will help developers create Web pages that render
identically in the Mozilla Firefox browser and the Microsoft Internet
Explorer browser!

Dan McTaggart has done it again, by scouting and bringing together for
us a phenomenal collection of great tools and tips. This is probably the single biggest change in the history of the two browser developments.

"Once it is seen by enough developers, the eventuality will be, tools
to create identical web pages followed by a patch to make Firefox itself render pages identical to Explorer by default. That is the killer app. There has been an enormous misunderstanding among Explorer developers, that Mozilla browsers simply can't render correctly."

The link “FF/IE Myth” on Dan McTaggart's site features a complex Web page with Firefox and Explorer side by side, rendering identically. Here is the analogy he gives of how this works.

"Let's say I have a handwritten letter, written in English. Now, I have to translate this letter to Chinese and Russian. Quite simply, you translate one time for Chinese and put it in one envelope, and you translate one time for Russian and put it in another envelope.

Both parties receive information they can read, the communication has been carried out. The Russian has no need to know about the Chinese version, the Chinese has no reason to know about the Russian version. The message, however, was identical to both."

According to Dan McTaggart, with computers it is much simpler. When it comes down to displaying digital information, there is absolutely no reason that it can't be done, it's all ones and zeros. All we need is a translation table to cover the little curve balls that Internet Explorer throws. Every time they throw one, we catch it, and throw it to the browser straightened out."

It's done all the time with communications protocols. One device needs the data sent one way, another device needs it sent another way.

Using the @import function of CSS, this is now possible.

Other helpful features of Firefox are user files including userContent.css which controls how web pages are displayed and User.js that allows for any required scripting. Notes on how to accomplish these tasks are available at .

Also updated at FirefoxIE
One step install for extensions, simplified copy and paste, files available locally. With the overwhelming demand for Firefox and extensions, the local install insures that you will not have to wait to set up your own FirefoxIE.

New tools available for blog publishers
Movable Type for Firefox
Browser-Based Spell Checking Of Web Forms, Blogs and Emails

Simplified instructions for Macromedia Flash Player installation

This release has something for everyone. A simplified interface and more information for developers and enthusiasts.

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Article: Test IE Compatibility Inside Firefox! By Robin Good

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