Zizasoft Releases zsCompare 2.0 Featuring Advanced Text Comparison and Enhanced Folder Comparison and Synchronization Functionality

zsCompare is a Windows based utility which allows you to compare and synchronize text files, Windows directories, and computers. Version 2.0 includes the ability to compare text from text based files as well as text from non-text based files like Microsoft Word documents and Adobe PDF files. This release also includes options for comparing Windows directories including the ability to adjust for daylight savings time as well as a fast binary comparison option. Finally, several enhancements are included to make zsCompare easier and faster to use.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 6, 2004 - Denver based Zizasoft, LLC- zsCompare has been designed for business users and software development teams to allow them to efficiently synchronize computers, backup data, compare different versions of files, verify that CDs have been copied correctly, manage Zip files, manage Jar files, review changes to source code, and more.

Version 2.0 includes new functionality that allows you to compare two text based files such as text documents, HTML documents, and XML documents. zsCompare is also the only product in its class which allows you to compare the contents of non-text files like Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and Adobe PDF files by copying the contents of the document to zsCompare. This eliminates the extra step of exporting the document to a text file, and reduces clutter on your hard drive.

zsCompare expands its directory comparison functionality in version 2.0 by adding a fast binary comparison method, the most accurate method of determining if two files are identical. Version 2.0 also adds the ability to adjust for Daylight Savings changes and apply tolerances to time comparisons.

Finally, zsCompare 2.0 adds several productivity enhancements that make using zsCompare faster and easier. For example, zsCompare includes a new difference navigator that allows you to view changes to directories or files at a glance and easily jump between differences. You can also customize the colors used to display results. A complete list of enhancements can be found on the web site.

zsCompare runs on Windows 9x, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0 or later, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. zsCompare runs on the Java platform which can be installed with zsCompare if it is not already installed on the computer.

Pricing for a single license of zsCompare is $35. Discounts are available for multiple licenses. All licenses include free lifetime upgrades and free technical support.

More information can be obtained at http://www.zizasoft.com/products/zsCompare/index.shtml. A fully functional 30 day trial version is also available on the website.

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