Touchstone Technologies Announces New "Lite" Series of Their Award-Winning VoIP Testing Suite

Touchstone Technologies has announced a new "Lite" series of their award-winning VoIP testing suite which includes the WinSIP and Win323 voice and video over IP call generators and WinEyeQ, their new, highly acclaimed call-centric VoIP monitor and protocol analyzer.

Hatboro, PA (PRWEB) September 16, 2004 -- Touchstone Technologies Inc. has announced new lite versions of their award-winning voice and video over IP call generation and monitoring solutions. Designed to accommodate smaller projects that need to simulate or monitor 1 to 50 concurrent VoIP endpoints, they are the ideal solutions for generating and analyzing high-quality SIP or H.323 calls with audio and video streams. These products offer many of the features found in test equipment costing 10 to 100 times more.

Neil Urban, President of Touchstone said, "We have offered this line in response to a growing number of requests for test equipment from people who simply do not need, or cannot afford tools that generate or monitor hundreds or thousands of calls. Test equipment vendors have traditionally ignored this sector, which forces them to look to open-source projects with very limited features or to develop "home-grown" solutions. Unfortunately, these approaches tend to remove the objectivity provided by high-quality third party test tools. With our software-based solutions, we were able to address these issues by providing our award-winning features within a smaller framework. This allows people to get started quickly and scale-up as needed, or provide their installers and Q/A people with a high-quality tool to verify signaling paths and media streams at a very affordable price."

Touchstone said that these products would be available immediately and that five, twenty-five and fifty call versions of the products are available. These packages are all priced at less than $2,500 and demonstration versions are available on their website. A maintenance agreement is included which covers enhancements within major versions or for one year from date of purchase, whichever is longer.

Contact Touchstone and mention this press release before October 15, 2004 for a special introductory offer.

Product Descriptions:
The WinEyeQ Call Monitor/Analyzer – WinEyeQ Lite is a real–time call centric monitor and protocol analyzer for observing and evaluating voice over IP and video conferencing networks. WinEyeQ provides performance and as well as functional testing, and is ideal for monitoring live voice and video conferencing networks. WinEyeQ gives the user the ability to monitor, capture, and replay calls. Overall network conditions are monitored, as are the signaling paths for each call and QoS metrics for each individual media stream. Unlike other protocol analyzers, WinEyeQ is call-centric, thereby affording a view from the top-down. All protocol errors or signaling anomalies found are displayed and permanently recorded. User selectable watches allow for the detection and recording of specific calls of interest.

WinSIP and Win323 Call generators – The Lite versions of the call generators provide installers, integrators, and service providers real time emulation of voice and video over IP calls. The WinSIP and Win323 call generators provide interactive protocol signaling and media streams supporting the popular audio and video codecs to the devices under test. The call generators are used as a reference to place calls to and from and supply the signaling protocols and RTP streams for loading, stability and diagnostics/troubleshooting for testing equipment and live networks. Call scenarios are easily created and managed though a graphical user interface requiring no scripting.

About Touchstone Technologies:
Touchstone Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of world-class test equipment for the Voice over IP and Video Teleconferencing markets. Founded in 1989 and formerly known throughout the industry as Delta Protocol Test Solutions, Touchstone Technologies was incorporated on January 1, 2004. Touchstone’s products are designed to help equipment manufacturers, carriers, service providers, and large enterprise users build and deploy reliable, standards compliant, and interoperable communications systems. For more information, please contact Neil Urban at e-mail protected from spam bots, by phone at +215.672.6550, or visit Touchstone at

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