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Revolutionary product to Hide and optionally Encrypt your secret Files / Folders / Drives (FAT12,16,32) by completely modifying the File system from backend. Any hacker or virus would fail to attack or infect your data, also it won't be even visible to exploit in a Disk Editor. Data remains locked everywhere in DOS mode/Safe Mode/Other OS/Transfer of media across computers. New Technology "Simultaneous Encryption" devised which is unbreakable and much faster than others. Without encryption, GigaBytes(GBs) of data hides within a minute.

New Delhi (PRWEB) September 16, 2004 -- SecureLock is a new innovative product in the field of Data security. It provides the most secure, fast and flexible security combinations for your most precious data. The highlighting features of SecureLock are as follows:-

1. Unlike other commonly available security softwares, this one prepares an Output Secure File without which the required file/folder/drive cannot be unlocked. This file is too small as compared to the size of the object locked and can easily fit on 1.44 Mb floppies or other removable media for better security.

2. No malicious user can make out where the hidden data contents of your file/folder/drive are located even with the expertise of a Disk Editor (used by professional hackers).

3. The software focuses on modifying the FAT file system from the backend.

A cracker will not be able to identify that any hidden, locked and inaccessible data exists since it is actually scattered as bad clusters on the drive. Other commonly available softwares use the Ineffective filter driver technique between the Operating System and File system to intercept access calls which could be easily hacked.

4. New Technology "Simultaneous Encryption" devised which is unbreakable and much faster than others. Under this scheme, the Output Secure File and your hidden data left on drive are encrypted simultaneously so that no one in the world can decrypt your data without the output secure file. This type of encryption does not operate on fixed sized blocks of data but the size of the block keeps on changing with different data structures used.

What makes the things impossible to attack is the secure format of the output file. Even the encryption algorithm used is not disclosed to provide ultimate security standards.

5. You can safely transfer your HDD/other removable media across different computers. Your valuable data will remain locked.

6. Till now, the software supports only FAT drives, since they are susceptible to easy attacks by Hackers, Viruses, Worms and Trojans.

Abhishek Arya

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