A Unique Approach to Spam Filtering

Frontgate MX brings a New Level of Simplicity to Personal E-mail Protection With a Unique "Single Step" Approach to Spam Filtering.

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) July 6, 2004 -- Presorium Software announced the release of Frontgate MX 1.0, a powerful new free personal e-mail filter designed to bring simple and effective spam control to the broader internet community. With its focus on being a solution to the spam problem - rather than a product of it - Frontgate MX fills a hole in the e-mail filter market left by current personal e-mail filter systems.

"Our primary goal in creating Frontgate MX was simple," stated Rowan Wilson, of Presorium Software. "We wanted to create the most accessible spam solution available. Spam is a burden on the user, and relatively few anti-spam products are sufficiently focussed on relieving this burden."

A key example of this philosophy is that Frontgate MX requires only a single e-mail check to perform the complete filtering cycle. This includes; filtering, previewing, accepting and rejecting incoming e-mail. Conventional e-mail filters require the user to perform two e-mail checks to accomplish all of these tasks. Additionally, spam viruses and oversize messages can be deleted from the server without being downloaded. As such, Frontgate MX represents a simpler, more efficient solution to the problem of email control.

With accessibility the major goal, ease of setup is also a major issue. "Many other products require a complete manual setup," said Geoff Reynolds, one of the Frontgate MX developers. "Others only support the major e-mail clients from Microsoft and ignore the rest. That's not fair because many people prefer other e-mail programs." As a result, Frontgate MX includes a "single click" setup feature that supports a broad range of e-mail client software, including Microsoft Outlook Express, Qualcomm Eudora and the Mozilla family.

In any filter, accuracy is paramount. Presorium Software is a pioneer of the hybrid filter system, in which a broad set of filtering technologies including Bayesian, regular expressions, pattern matching and relay black lists are brought together to form a filter system that is both balanced and efficient. Further to this, the inclusion of a Mini Filter Matchlist Language (MFML) ensures that the user can easily modify the spam detection criteria to meet their own needs.

Frontgate MX is free software and runs on Microsoft Windows. It is available from http://www.presorium.com

About Presorium Software and Frontgate MX
Presorium Software Pty Ltd. was established in June 2001 as a forum for the development of ideas of talented local programmers. The company’s flagship product, Frontgate MX, is a freeware initiative designed to bring simple and effective e-mail control to the broader internet community.


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