MAINDATA Showcases Its DVB-H IP Encapsulator Enabling Provisioning of Mobile TV at IBC 2005 Amsterdam Sept. 9-12, in Mobile Zone/ Technology Area

MAINDATA will take a part in a Live Mobile TV Broadcast via DVB-H Transmission Chain with MD DVB-H IP Encapsulator - a crucial DVB-H head-end equipment - at IBC 2005 Mobile Zone booth M221 – Technology area. Mobile TV (multicast) & Video Streaming (unicast) present new attractive services for mobile operators. MAINDATA’s Mobile product portfolio includes DVB-H for Mobile TV Broadcast as well as 3GPP for unicast Video Streaming to Mobile handsets. This provides a solution that addresses both major video delivery methods to mobile handsets.

(PRWEB) September 8, 2005 -- MAINDATA's CEO Mr. Statelov made the only speech about arriving DVB-H technology at the IBC Conference 2003 during “New Delivery Methods” Session which attracted attention of a wide professional audience.

DVB-H opens doors for mobile operators to provide attractive mobile TV broadcast e.g. sports, music, news etc. Mobile TV services have high selling potential. DVB-H brings new TV entertainment to mobile users and provides a platform for the next wave of revenue streams - similar to messaging - for mobile operators requiring only moderate investment to their network. According to recent studies around 40 % of users are willing to subscribe to Mobile TV services.

MAINDATA’s DVB-H product portfolio includes:
MD DVB-H IPE - Time Slicing, MPE FEC, enhanced PSI/SI tables
H.264/AAC Encoder - Real time H.264/AAC encoding
H.264/AAC Multicast Decoder/Player - for WinCE PDA s
DVB-H Mobile TV platform for pilots and commercial deployments

3GPP product portfolio includes:
3GPP Server - Video, audio encoder + IP/UDP/RTP encapsulator
Streaming Server - Generator of multiple unicast RTP streams from 3GPP Server or from Video on Demand Server

For additional information please contact Mr. Dusan Statelov CEO or visit booth M221 at IBC.

MAINDATA has been leading provider of Internet Data casting solutions via DVB networks with a worldwide customer base since 1996 with product in following areas:

SATELLITE INTERNET - MAINDATA has been leading provider of IP-DVB platforms for Satellite Internet since 1998, providing complex platforms consisting of core equipments such as IPE, TCP/IP accelerator, HYBRID-NET ®, PUSH e-mail, up to Statistics & Billing and Broadcast Network Management (BNMS).

MEDIACAST & DOWNLOAD - MEDIACAST & DOWNLOAD SYSTEM is a second generation MAINDATA File IP Multicast system. IP Multicast provides efficient tool for bandwidth saving by simultaneous transmission to many users. Movies, music, games and similar content distribution via satellite successfully competes with land line infrastructure (such as xDSL, cable modems etc). MEDIACAST & DOWNLOAD SYSTEM provides a transmission layer for reliable one-way media (files) delivery over unreliable one-way e.g. satellite links. It uses BFTP+ (Broadcast File Transfer Protocol).

SMART EDU - eLearning platform for distance trainings and education - SMART EDU is an ideal eLearning platform combining excellent educational tools such as Broadcast Quality Video Streaming, PC Screen Video transmission, Simultaneous Multimedia Multicast, Flexible Screen layout creation, Remote Screen Layout Controls, Remote Multimedia Playback synchronization, interactive channel, discussion forum, web based test, Learning Management system and many more. SMART EDU updates Web based training to new, media-rich point-to-point networks.

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