Kagan Research Projects Wireless Subscriber Market to Grow 48% by 2014

Kagan Research projects U.S. wireless market to grow 48% from 185 mil. subscribers at year-end 2004 to 274 mil. in 2014, representing nearly 83% of projected total U.S. POPs. Kagan's just released "Wireless Telecom Atlas & Databook 2005" identifies the top wireless telecom players by market and MHz capabilities in the only county-based compilation available.

inMonterey, CA (PRWEB) June 6, 2005 -- Determining who owns what in a given market area has never been more complicated, as carriers have carved out portions of license areas, either by partitioning certain counties or by segmenting bandwidth. Kagan estimates wireless carriers will generate a record $7 bil. in wireless data revenue this year, but future growth prospects will depend on the ability to amass sufficient spectrum to develop third-generation wireless technology. This need for greater bandwidth has driven recent wireless mergers but created huge changes in wireless ownership profiles.

Exclusive new data from Kagan Research identifies the top wireless telecom players by market and MHz capabilities in the only county-based compilation available. Presented in exclusive at-a-glance maps of PCS and cellular market overlays, the "Wireless Telecom Atlas & Databook 2005" provides the most recent and comprehensive demographic data and ownership information for every wireless market and carrier in the U.S. Ownership data reflecting Auction #58 results make this an up-to-the-minute reference guide for anyone tracking the competitive positioning of wireless carriers.

The Atlas also presents demographic and economic profiles of all U.S. wireless markets, grouped by BTA and MSA/RSA within each of the 51 MTA markets, identifying the fastest growing and most desirable wireless markets. The latest statistics available are used to rank markets based on the most important indicators of potential value for cellular and PCS markets: demographic and economic variables such as population, population density and growth, median household income, disposable income and interstate traffic density.

Highlights include:
Comprehensive ownership data for all cellular and PCS markets, including pops, MHz, license type and % ownership.
Detailed breakouts of cellular and PCS license ownership by MTA, including tops in POPs and tops in MHz POPs.
Cross-market ownership tables, sorted by market and by wireless operator, plus major data section on competition in all 734 U.S. cellular markets.
- Comprehensive breakdown of results from Auction #58 showing what carriers paid for licenses in specific markets.
Handy wireless competitive ownership table identifying competitors in a given market.
Detailed information on regulatory milestones, overview of industry events and conversion tables for PCS & cellular markets.

Wireless Telecom Atlas & Databook 2005 (2 vol. set)
Volume One: 501 pages. 182 tables and charts and 55 maps
Volume Two: 530 pages. 329 tables, plus 430 maps and charts
Bonus Volume: Wireles Competition Sourcebook: Carriers, Markets and Frequency Blocks. 432 pages. 289 wireless carriers. 734 cellular markets.

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