Navtel Communications Inc. Announces Release of ISUP Performance Test Application

Navtel Communications Inc. has announced the release of the highest performing and most scalable ISUP* Performance Test Application for testing Softswitches deployed in VoIP networks

Markham, ON (PRWEB) May 20, 2005 -- Navtel Communications Inc. a leading developer of high performance VoIP test solutions has announced the release of the highest performing and most scalable ISUP* Performance Test Application for testing Softswitches deployed in VoIP networks.

As Voice over IP and TDM networks continue to converge, the Softswitch will come under increasing loads as more and more users from TDM networks access new services offered by IP networks. Until now testing the load and scalability capabilities of a Softswitch required racks of SS7 load testers to provide the necessary high-performance symmetry between off-net to on-net calls. Navtel’s solution provides this capability in one chassis. The addition of this ISUP Performance Test Application to Navtel’s existing VoIP product portfolio (which includes SIP, Megaco and NCS /PacketCable™ High-Performance test applications ), provides network equipment manufacturers and network operators with the industry’s first fully integrated high-performance VoIP solution to perform scalability, performance, reliability and interoperability testing of Softswitches.

Navtel’s ISUP Performance Test Application is an advanced hardware and software solution that emulates large-scale SS7 networks generating thousands of calls per second. It allows users to benchmark the performance of a Softswitch and to characterize its behavior when subjected to increasing network loads, various call loading patterns and network congestion and failure conditions.

Some key features include:
1. High-performance traffic load generation with different traffic profiles (Uniform, burst, Poisson, random, Step) over sustained periods of time.
2. Large-scale network emulation to emulate hundreds of thousands of end-users regardless of the technology (SIP, NCS/PacketCable™, ISUP, Megaco)
3. Dynamic message configuration and “on-the fly” generation to emulate real world scenarios
4. An extensive set of statistics and comprehensive built-in troubleshooting capabilities.

On one chassis the Navtel’s ISUP Performance Test Application can emulate 320,000 endpoints, 230 T1 (310 for E1) Signalling Links, 40 Signalling End Points while generating thousands of calls per second. The user can configure traffic profiles each with its own call rate, standard or user-defined ISUP message and call flow as well as network mode of operation (en-block, overlap). These flexible yet powerful features of the application will significantly simplify the Performance, Scalability, Stability and Interoperability testing of a Softswitch.

The in-depth troubleshooting capabilities of the ISUP Performance Test Application will greatly reduce the time spent in the identification and resolution of Performance, Scalability, Reliability and Interoperability issues. Each emulated endpoint supports a complete ISUP-compliant protocol stack which automatically and appropriately responds to incoming ISUP messages and adjusts the offered load based network congestion. These features will significantly reduce the technology learning curve and will help organizations realize significant cost-savings as well as reducing their test cycles.

Alvin Francis, Navtel’s Director of Marketing and Product Management commented “Navtel has been a major force in the signalling performance market over the past decade with its high-performance, large scale load testing solutions. We continue to lead the market and push the envelope by providing customers with the most scalable, cost-effective and best performing solution available today. Continual improvements to our portfolio of solutions reassure users that their investment today will meet and exceed their future needs”.

About Navtel Communications Inc.
Navtel Communications provides high capacity testing solutions that enable telecom equipment manufacturers and network providers to verify under full load the characteristics and the design of triple play equipment and converged networks using a single, high performance, scalable platform - the InterWatch.

Navtel's InterWatch can substantially reduce both costs and timelines in the new product development process. It plays a major role in the rapid development and deployment of the next generation of converged networks around the globe by organizations who are secure in the knowledge that Navtel's range of load testing solutions are complimented by their unrivalled ability to also test for conformance, functionality and interoperability on the single most powerful integrated test platform available today.

Contact Information:
Robert Prior
Navtel Communications Inc.
Tel: +1 905 948 7572
Cell: +1 647 219 0109

*The ISDN User Part (ISUP) defines the protocol and procedures used to set-up, manage, and release trunk circuits that carry voice and data calls over the public switched telephone network (PSTN). ISUP is used for both ISDN and non-ISDN calls.

PacketCable is a trademark of Cable Television Laboratories, Inc

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