Dealing with Spyware - A New End-User Training Course from Cosaint

With technical (and legal) remedies against Spyware lagging behind the attackers, educating end-users about the ways that they might get infected, and how to spot infections can go a long way in reducing the incidence of Spyware. Cosaint's latest web-based training course - "Dealing with Spyware" - addresses this need in a quick, easy-to-understand format.

(PRWEB) May 26, 2005 -- Cosaint ( - a Mount Vernon (WA) based company specializing in end-user security awareness training today announced the release of "Dealing with Spyware" - the latest in its series of web-based information security awareness courses.

Spyware has become a very real problem - both at work and for home users. Spyware can slow down computer performance, generate annoying pop-up windows, send confidential information to hackers or even make a computer unbootable. In fact, a recent study by Webroot suggests that between 50% and 70% of help-desk calls are directly related to Spyware. And with Aladdin Knowledge Systems reporting that over 70% of virus writers are currently involved with writing Spyware, the problem is set to get worse.

Unfortunately, technical (and legal) remedies against Spyware are lagging behind the attackers. But educating computer users about the potential ways that they might get infected, and how to spot infections can go a long way in reducing the incidence of Spyware on your systems.

"Dealing with Spyware" is a short (approximately 20 minute) course that will help students to understand what Spyware is, where it comes from, how to avoid it and how to combat it. It covers:

- What is Spyware?
- Cookies, Adware and Malicious Spyware
- Are Cookies Spyware?
- 4 Ways You Might Get Spyware
- Spyware and Antivirus Software
- 2 Important Rules for Avoiding Spyware
- Spotting if You've Been Infected
- Scanning for Spyware
- Getting Rid of Spyware

The course is available today through Cosaint's hosted learning management system (LMS), or can be provided in SCORM/AICC format for hosting on your own LMS. It can also be customized to meet your specific needs. Pricing varies with number of students please contact Cosaint for more details.

If you're interested in finding out more, please contact us at:

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