Mailinator Anti-Spam Site Adds RSS to Its Toolbox

Mailinator, the original disposable email site hasn't stopped adding features with the latest inclusion of an RSS feed for every inbox.

(PRWEB) August 18, 2005 -- Mailinator is the leading provider of instant temporary email address that allow users to protect their identity when interacting online. Mailinator now includes RSS and livebookmark feeds to all its inboxes allowing users a direct connection to their mailinator mail.

Mailinator provides free, no-sign-up, temporary email addresses for internet users. Accounts are created as email arrives for them, thus users can make-up email accounts simply by thinking up a name on-the-fly and sending to it. For webforms that require an email address, this is a useful tool to protect privacy.

"The growth of Mailinator has been astounding and new systems have been implemented to handle that growth. The addition of RSS is just the first in some exciting features we have planned," says Brian Pipa, Mailinator's product manager.

Mailinator was created in 2003 and introduced the concept of temporary, disposable email. It is supported by Outscheme, Inc. as a free service to its users.

Paul Tyma
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