Microsoft Certified Professional Releases Free Internet Identity Theft Protection DVD

Identity theft costs individuals and businesses $55 billion and affects as many as 10 million Americans. Microsoft Certified Professional releases free Internet Identity Theft Protection DVD to help amatueur computer users avoid becoming victims.

(PRWEB) August 5, 2005 -- Microsoft Certified Professional, Andre Bell, announced the new release of his 5-Step Internet Identity Theft Protection DVD to begin shipping the latter part of August 2005.

Identity theft affects as many as 10 million Americans and costs individuals and businesses $55 billion. With an increase in internet surfers moving to broadband connections, online attacks continue to rise.

After Andre lost all of his personal and business files to an aggressive virus attack several years back, he determined to learn how to protect himself from becoming a victim of Internet exploits and vulnerabilities ever again.

Andre said, "Protecting myself is all well and good but there are other people who are in the same position that I used to be in who need help protecting their computers.”

After Andre left the technical support industry to pursue business consulting full-time, many of his friends and family continued to ask for technical support help and continued to refer other people to him for help too.

Andre said, “Every home computer I’ve looked at over the past three years has been infected with spyware or Trojans or both. The problem is especially dangerous for anyone new to computers because most don’t know how to check for dangers that may be lurking in the background of their computers even when they are not connected to the internet.”

Andre originally created his Internet Identity and Hacker Protection DVD which shows people in plain language how to use mostly free and open source software to protect themselves from the five most common computer threats he's seen, so people will know how to protect themselves from serious threats.

Andre said, "Now anyone with access to a DVD drive or stand-alone DVD player can learn for themselves how to protect their identity against hacker's and computer spies without dropping computers off at my house.”

Andre's Internet Identity Theft Protection DVD will remain freely available to individuals, schools and fund raisers if requested online at

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