Webcasts and Podcasts Explain Web Services Security Issues and Federated Identity Threats

Technology portal releases latest in series of podcasts and webcasts about grid and web services security

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2005 -- WebServicesSummit.com, a leading software technology portal, has released two more of a series of Web casts and podcasts about security for web services and grid computing.

The video and audio programs feature experts from IBM, Microsoft, the San Diego Supercomputer Center and other technology organizations presenting security topics related to XML, web services, service-oriented architectures (SOA) and grid computing.

In "Federated Identities: Overlooked Threats," Thor Larholm explains federated identities, their benefits and risks. He also describes solutions such as stateful firewalls (program duration: 9:03). Thor is a Senior Security Researcher at PivX Solutions, who is well-known for uncovering 32 security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

In the second webcast ("Security Taxonomy of Web Services"), Kevin Dick discusses security taxonomy of distributed systems and web services (length: 14:31). He explains security for point-to-point services, multi-hop services, service components and complex services. Kevin Dick is CEO of Network Resonance, a security company he co-founded with Eric Rescorla. Network Resonance recently patented a technology for auditing network communications over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections.

Other programs in the series include Gene Thurston of Amber Point Software explaining SAML, XACML and WS-Security and Ashraf Memon of the San Diego Supercomputer Center discussing GSI-Authentication for grid services. Also featured is Mark Colan of IBM explaining Big Blue's approach to federated identity and security for web services and service-oriented architectures. In a two-part feature, Rebecca Dias of Microsoft explains advanced web services and security in a .NET environment. Another program features Blake Dournaee, Senior Security Architect at Sarvega, explaining XML security gateways.

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To access Thor Larholm's presentation, browse to http://www.WebServicesSummit.com/TLarholm.htm.
To view Kevin Dick's Web cast or listen to the podcast, browse to http://www.WebServicesSummit.com/People/KDick.htm.

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