C-Search Announces R1.3 of its Search Engine for Domino Domains Includes Plug in Support for IBM Workplace Web Content Management (IWWCM) (ILWWCM/Aptrix)

C-Search Limited today announced the release of version 1.3 of its search engine for Domino. C-Search has brought web crawling techniques to Domino allowing organizations to build a fast, lightweight searchable index of quality materials.

(PRWEB) August 15, 2005 -- This profile allows existing IWWCM customers to immediately leverage the power and flexibility of C-Search to deliver search results from any Notes database in the domain through the IWWCM interface without the need to develop their own complex search routines.

For example, users of IWWCM who also use Domino.Doc (Document Manager) can use C-Search to serve up Domino.Doc content alongside web content pages. The distributed nature of C-Search also extends the reach of the IWWCM search not only to multiple databases of any design but also across multiple servers.

Results can be presented through the IWWCM pages using C-Search views from where search results can be sorted and refined as required by the user. Searches can also be saved for future use. The presentation of results is easily modified to meet the needs of each organization so C-Search can be slotted seamlessly into existing IWWCM environments offering advanced field and full text search options (including attachments) with minimum effort required.

The core features of C-Search already include:

- Browser and Notes Client support
- Simple and advanced search screens
- Ability to sort and refine results
- Field level and full text searches
- Saved searches and support for user favorites
- Open databases and attachments from results pages
- Dynamic generation of document summaries
- Built in RSS News reader

In addition to plug in support for IBM Workplace Web Content Management (IWWCM), C-Search R1.3 also includes the following new features:

- Integrated Mail Monitor for Domino domains.
- Support for Domino Document Manager R7.0 (due for release by IBM later this year).
- Standard configurations supplied for common Domino templates.
- Special version of C-Search offered free to organizations with less than 50 users.

C-Search is licensed at site and enterprise levels and runs on any Domino server R5.01 or later.

C-Search R1.3 is now offered with a number of ready-made profiles including one for IWWCM (ILWWCM/Aptrix).

For additional information and software downloads visit http://www.c-search-solutions.com

About C-Search Limited
C-Search Limited is an IBM Advanced Business Partner specializing in document management and search solutions. C-Search has been awarded the Runs with Lotus Domino accreditation.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/8/prweb272706.htm