Most U.S. Businesses Fail to Fully Tap the Business-Building potential of Email Marketing, says Industry Pioneer

The latest book from Arial Software CEO Mike Adams explores the next wave of permission email marketing, revealing the strategies that savvy companies will employ to take their email campaigns far beyond typical applications.

(PRWEB) August 10, 2005 -- Mike Adams, email marketing pioneer and author of the new book, "Permission Wave" (Truth Publishing 2005), says very few U.S. companies are using their email marketing to its fullest potential. Adams says most businesses using email marketing as a way to regularly communicate with their customers are failing to take full advantage of this important business-building tool.

"The main setback for most businesses is the lack of relationship building that can really be achieved once businesses have been granted permission by their customers to be sent relevant messages," he says.

These setbacks are addressed in Adams' new book, "Permission Wave," using detailed examples written especially for businesses looking ahead in their permission marketing and building advanced email relationships that inspire their customers to action. These relationships take businesses beyond simply communicating via email with customers. The meaningful relationship building outlined in "Permission Wave" allows you to connect with your customers to use the full potential of email to build your business.

"Permission Wave" uses clear, real world examples to show businesses how to ask for email permission from customers, how to maintain that permission, how to expand it, and how to compel customers to take action based on your speaking to their interests.

"In the Permission Wave, the customers control the communications, not companies," says Adams. Permission Wave is available now at

About Mike Adams
Mike Adams is the founder and president of Arial Software, LLC, ( the first company to introduce permission email marketing software to the market back in 1993. Arial Software continues its industry leadership today. For more than ten years, Adams has been fighting spam and unsolicited commercial email. He's the creator of the "Spam. Don't buy it!" public education campaign (, inventor of an email sender certification service (, and is creator of the world's first permission-based free subscription tool for webmasters ( Adams is also author of The Ten Most Important Emerging Technologies For Humanity, available at

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