Start Your Own Fabless Semiconductor Company

The Triad Alliance Podcast is a weekly internet radio show (podcast) that helps alliance members create their own fabless semiconductor company quickly and cost effectively. Traditionally, developing mixed signal Integrated Circuits (ICs) has required millions of dollars and several man-years of effort. Now, members of the Triad Alliance can gain access to design tools, free analog and digital intellectual property (IP), know-how, and an international marketplace to sell IP and products that they develop for a fraction of the cost of establishing a traditional semiconductor company. Alliance members gain access to this approach by using the revolutionary Mixed Signal Structured ASIC technology from Triad Semiconductor.

(PRWEB) July 18, 2005 -- Every week, host Reid Wender brings breaking news, interviews, know-how, and design tips to Triad Alliance Podcast listeners.

“You might be four engineers in China wanting to start an IC company but with little access to capital and markets. By joining the Triad Alliance you can radically lower your startup, development, and marketing costs,” says Wender.

On the podcast, Wender interviews alliance members from all over the world giving them the opportunity to explain and promote their Triad IP and products. Alliance members are also featured on Triad’s website, e-mail newsletter, and through distribution partners.

“Engineers are busy yet always interested in learning new approaches that can help them get their jobs done effectively. Members can listen to the Triad Alliance Podcast at work, home, or on their commute via a portable MP3 player.” – Dan Wrappe, Triad VP Marketing/Sales. Podcasting is an extension of downloading (think TiVO for your radio), whereby listeners can have programs automatically delivered to their computer as soon as they are posted to the web. Users can download the Triad Alliance Podcast directly from the Triad website,, or by using one of the many automated download applications such as iTunes™ or iPodder™. iTunes users can go the “Podcast Directory” inside the iTunes program, search for “Triad Alliance” and select the subscribe button when Triad’s podcast is displayed. Then every week, when a new show is posted to the web, the user’s iTunes program will automatically down load the show to the user’s computer.

The Triad Alliance is brought to you by Triad Semiconductors, maker of the revolutionary Mixed Signal Structured ASIC (MSSA) platform. MSSA technology enables the development of analog and digital circuitry on a single IC using only a single semiconductor fabrication layer with a 20x reduction in development and fabrication costs.

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