Triad Semiconductor Announces the End of Full-Custom Layout

Triad Semiconductor Inc., a pioneer in the development of Mixed Signal Structured ASIC (MSSA) technology, announced a design kit will be released at the Design Automation Conference in Anaheim on June 14th.

Winston / Salem, NC (PRWEB) May 26, 2005 -- The MSSA Design Kit (MDK) enables customers to develop mixed signal integrated circuits using industry standard design tools. Now, analog designs can be captured as schematics that are configured and interconnected using automatic place and route software. The resulting designs are manufactured on Triad’s low fabrication cost via-only-programmable MSSA platforms. The MDK-2005.1 contains silicon proven design cells for the currently available MSSA-1 as well as advanced information for other platforms currently in development.

Included in the kit is a synthesizable digital and analog structured ASIC library, analog schematic capture symbols, and spice models for a rich set of analog functions including:
- OpAmps – Wideband, Low Noise, General-Purpose, & Transconductance
- Resistor Arrays, Capacitor Arrays, Transistor Arrays, & Switch Arrays
- Bias generators & Band Gap Reference
- IP blocks such as: 8-bit & 10-bit DACs, Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifiers, 16-bit Sigma Delta ADC, and Switch Capacitor Filters

“The MDK-2005.1 enables customers to use common analog and digital front end design tools to go from schematic to gate level netlist,” said Reid Wender, Triad’s Manager of MSSA Design. “Triad’s design flow coupled with our low cost MSSA-platform opens up mixed-signal ASIC opportunities to designers who previously couldn’t afford the tools, time, cost, and risk associated with full-custom ASIC design.”

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