Experts Agree the Cheapest Domain Registration and Website Hosting is Not the Best or Safest Route to Take

Customers who purchase cheap domain names may be at risk of domain theft and will likely be missing out on important service and security features

Pompano Beach, FL (PRWEB via Moniker) February 16, 2005 -- With the recent increase in domain name theft and other internet domain fraud, selecting the cheapest domain registration and website hosting may not be the best decision for your business. A new wave of internet domain name theft has been sweeping the world wide web. Recently, prominent internet service provider had their domain stolen, and the high value domain name was stolen and held for over three years costing the rightful domain name owner millions of dollars.

“Choosing the cheapest domain registration and website hosting may not be the smartest or safest decision” said Monte Cahn, CEO of ICANN accredited internet domain name registrar “It is important to select a registrar with the highest level of security and great customer service, not just a cheap domain name price.”

Mr. Cahn has been in the domain business since 1996, he advises someone about to purchase domain names to: “Make sure the registrar undergoes rigorous security procedures. At we take several steps to ensure no one can steal a domain name. We lock all domains at the registrar and at the Registry and set all accounts to ‘High Security’, we offer private ‘who is’ to protect registrants identities from SPAM and other unwanted activities. In addition, we are the only registrar that has executive review of every transfer out request by at least 3 employees including an officer of the company.”

In additional to securing your domain with a reputable registrar, service features are important when selecting a registrar as well.

“Domain name value is not just about a cheap domain name price.” Said President Eric Harrington, “It is important to ensure the registrar you select has personal customer service - a real person you can contact, not just emails that go unanswered. We offer inexpensive domain registration and website hosting, including domain name registration starting at $3.99 for the .info extension, and we provide a very high level of customer service and the industry’s best domain name security.”

About is one of the top three fastest growing ICANN-accredited Internet domain registrars, and is the global leader for domain name sales, domain name registration and domain appraisals. Together with its affiliated companies, , a web hosting company, and , a leader in domain name purchase, domain escrow and domain aftermarket services, the company manages more than 1,000,000 domains for companies, organizations and individuals, and offers industry leading security and personalized customer service for all of its clients. Moniker clients include: The National Hockey League, Jupitermedia, Lions Gate Films, . Moniker has cheap domain names starting at $3.99 for .info and rigorous security programs that prevent domain theft.

Moniker CEO Monte Cahn is the host of the new free internet radio show ‘Domain Masters’ each Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST on free internet radio station

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