International Federation of Robotics Hosts Groundbreaking Advanced Robotics E-Symposium

The Advanced Robotics E-Symposium will be held online on July 6 2005. Its international outreach, cutting edge topics and line-up of world-renowned experts already makes it one of the 'must-attend' fixtures of this year for organizations, academics, industries and government representatives.

London, (PRWEB) May 10, 2005 -- The International Federation of Robotics (IFR), in conjunction with e-symposium Ltd, are presenting the 1st International Advanced Robotics E-Symposium (AdRob 2005). It will be held online, on July 6 2005 and the entire web conference will be made available via a presentation archive which will go live 48 hours after the live event (for over 12 months).

This international web conference, co-organized by the IFR, aims at facilitating industry intelligence gathering and simulating knowledge sharing amongst members of the global personal, mobile and service robotics communities. The theme of the E-Symposium is "Current and Emerging Applications" and strategic partners of the E-Symposium include the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Automation (IPA) and EURON the European Robotics Research Network.

The purpose of the IFR is to promote research, development, use and international co-operation in the entire field of robotics and to act as a focal point for organizations, academics, industry and governmental representatives in activities related to robotics. Whilst the IFR’s annual International Symposium on Robotics supports this cause, it is the Advanced Robotics E-Symposium which can reach out to all corners of the world, enabling those who have limited time and travel budget to part-take in a world-leading event on specialist robotics topics form the convenience of their own working location.

IFR is the undisputed international robotics body and is the only International Robot Federation which annually publishes - in cooperation with UNECE (United Nations Geneva) - an extensive statistical analysis of the robotics market in the world. “With its international recognition and know-how, the IFR is now also responding to the rapidly growing market of non-industrial robotics by running this world-leading event which is expected to attract in excess of 1000 industry professionals from all over the world.”, says Herman Verbrugge, General Secretary of the IFR.

“Personal, Service and Mobile Robotics are rapidly gaining momentum and it is vital to establish a constant dialogue between the labs, corporations and suppliers to ensure dynamic growth of this emerging market.”, says Martin Haegele, Head of Robotics at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing & Automation (IPA) and Head of the Service Robotics Working Group at the International Federation of Robotics.

World-renowned speakers such as William Red L. Whittaker, Raja Chatila, Sukhan Lee, Martin Haegele, John Gray, Henrik Christensen, Joe Engelberger, Samad Hayati and others will share indispensable insights into Military Robotics, Robotic-Assisted Surgery, Human-Robot Interaction, Humanoid Robotics, Field Robotics, Mobile Robotics (UGVs, UAVs & UUVs), Service Robotics, Micro & Cellular Robotics, Personal Robotics, Space Robotics, Standards and more. Other exciting program highlights include round table debates on “Technology Transfer & Investment” as well as “The Mass Commercialization Challenge”. Case studies by leading sponsors such as Sony Entertainment Europe and Philips Research will also provide stimulating insights into the commercialization of robotics as well as market trends and developments.

Registration is free of charge. “The unique value of this international web conference is that it cuts down the travel-related expenses and time barriers usually associated with offline conferences”, says Val-Pierre Genton, Managing Director of e-symposium.

The high attendance levels are expected to create unprecedented knowledge-sharing from experts to delegates and vice versa. It seems that the E-Symposium covers every angle – not only can delegates attend high quality presentations from the convenience of their own working location, but they can also interact with their international colleagues via cutting edge web-based instant messaging technology. Delegates can even create private, secured ‘rooms’ to have closed meetings. With training and travel budgets tight or non-existent, this certainly is a relief for organizations, academics, industry and governmental representatives. “Our joint mission is to facilitate the gathering of industry intelligence and to stimulate international knowledge sharing”, says Val-Pierre Genton. Well, it looks like the Advanced Robotics E-Symposium 2005 does just that.    

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