Professional Betting Exchange Trading Software Unveiled

A professional data extraction and market analysis tool, the first ever to work independently of the Betfair Developer’s Program.

UK (PRWEB) September 14, 2004 -- WellDone Software, a leading developer to the global Internet gambling market, announced today the impending launch of MarketFeeder Pro, a professional data extraction and market analysis tool, created expressly for the use of betting exchange trading analysts, developers and professional traders on Betfair ( ), the world’s largest online betting exchange.

The trading software incorporates the ability to monitor market fluctuations directly within Microsoft Excel™, capturing market information at user-definable periods from multiple markets simultaneously and allowing users to archive market data for their own analysis.

“Not only is live market data captured, but it is done in such a manner that the data can then be used to model trading strategies and analysis,” said Haydn Ellen, UK Marketing Director. “The potential of this archived information is enormous, key trends and trading strategies can be established … it will be to betting exchange traders as performance graphs are to stockbrokers."

Most significantly, however, is the fact that the MarketFeeder Pro software works independently of the Betfair Developer’s Program, or API, which had required users to pay a subscription fee of in excess of £100 a month for the chance to manually acquire similar data. Since its release, many users had complained that the Betfair API had priced lower end and less technically proficient users out of the market. Haydn Ellen said the release represented an accessible, intuitive software interface that would give all users the chance to profit from more sophisticated market information.

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