Escape-Rail Raises Hopes for Safe High Rise Emergency Escape and Entry

Escape-Rail is the only real escape/entry solution for High Rise structures and can be installed on the fly. Track is only 1 5/8" wide.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) June 12, 2005 -- Implementing the Escape-Rail system allows more people to make a safe and quick exit from burning buildings while providing firefighters easier access from the outside to high-rise fires, and - ultimately - a safer environment for fighting fires. Ideal for high-rise buildings, the product can be installed on new construction or on already existing buildings.

Arnold Iacoviello, creator of Escape-Rail, firmly believes that lives can be saved by using the system. "Saving even one life makes the Escape-Rail system's value incalculuable - our system helps evacuate a continuous stream of people. This means more tracks installed on a building results in more people being evacuated simultaneously," stated Iacoviello.

The easy-to-use product requires little maintenance and not only aids in fire escape but also in fighting fires. Escape-Rail is designed to carry a remote-controlled fire nozzle up a building to direct a controllable stream of water to areas which were previously unreachable.

Aside from transporting firefighters up the outside of buildings more safely, Escape-Rail may carry rescue and fire equipment - minimizing the risk to firefighters of ascending and descending smokey stairwells to fight high-rise fires. Escape-Rail can also be used on buildings that do not have the system pre-installed. Rescue teams equipped with Escape-Rail can use the system to work on almost any building, in any emergency situation.

Once installed, Escape-Rail is multi-faceted and can be used to hold surveillance cameras or to provide a method of cleaning high-rise windows, extending the product use beyond what traditional fire-escape methods are available on the market - in its safety, flexibility and versatility.

Iacoviello is actively seeking investors for Escape-Rail licensing and manufacture. For more information on Escape-Rail or to contact the developer of Escape-Rail, visit


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