PodcastDesign.com Signs 6 Clients in First 48 Hours of Existence

Within 2 days of its availability, 6 clients, including a Fortune 5 company, has signed with PodcastDesign.com to create either podcasting systems or custom podcasts.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 2, 2005 -- The phone would simply not stop ringing, and the email was overwhelming.

The HTML was written, the pages were formed, and the site was FTPd. It then took less than 2 hours for David Lawrence, the founder and lead podcast designer for PodcastDesign.com (http://www.podcastdesign.com), to sign his first client, and less than 2 days to sign 5 more.

"Podcasting has the kind of heat that surrounded blogging, streaming, Napster and Google. Everyone's hearing about it, but not everyone knows what it is, or how podcasting might help their business strategy. Putting a sound and personality to any organization via a podcast is an amazingly sticky way to humanize your image and instantly connect with your customers. My job is to help my clients create the podcast that's right for them."

Why podcasting? And why now? "It's the right time and the right medium, and the audience loves the convenience," said Lawrence, from his Los Angeles studios. "Bandwidth is cheap, inexpensive recording equipment delivers amazing results, and iPods are revolutionizing an already TiVO- and Replay-hungry society. Audio on demand, and the entertainment and information it can bring, is becoming a standard channel, displacing radio, TV and print."

PodcastDesign.com can create everything from a full blown studio designed for your podcasting style, to portable systems that allow you to podcast from anywhere, to no-muss, no-fuss podcasts, designed from the ground up specifically for your organization and it's message. "Imagine a turnkey custom podcast series, where you instantly become the star of your own podcasts and you do nothing more than make a simple phone call," Lawrence said. "I produce the structure, with themes, effects, voiced intros, even jingles, using your creative or our production house, and I act as the moderator - serving up questions you're ready to answer as the guest I'm interviewing. This takes the EPK to the next level."

It doesn't end with the audio - it's got to reach your audience, and PodcastDesign.com works with the client's web management team to integrate the podcast into the client's overall web strategy, or simply hosts the podcast on the PodcastDesign servers. Lawrence commented, "I'm doing 5 minute podcasts, hour long podcasts, daily, weekly, on-demand, highly produced, simple voice - it's never the same thing twice. And I love it. People are giving me the freedom to help them come up with some amazing stuff." Lawrence, a 30 year veteran of radio and television, is a syndicated talk host, heard on both XM and Sirius, as well as over 125 radio stations across the United States.

PodcastDesign.com can be reached in Los Angeles at 818-563-3123, via email at e-mail protected from spam bots, or on the web at http://www.podcastdesign.com.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/5/prweb235442.htm