Has Launched a Sister Site for a New TV Reality Show, - Best-Selling Authors Sought to Cast as Show Contestants

The producers of last month's Book to Film Screenplay Search Project are currently in ongoing talks with a major production company about adding the show to their line up. Six episodes, six authors from script to screen. The show was first pitched to the company during an invite to participate as a panelist for the 2nd Annual Book to Film Screenplay Search Festival for February 06.

(PRWEB) July 14, 2005 -- Book to film reality TV is derived from, the 1st Annual Book to Film Festival with a concentration on bringing viable best-selling works to the big screen, or small screen. This boldly innovative new reality show will match proven published authors with film executives that can close option deals.

The panel of judges come from both the literary world and the film industry, such as show judge, CEO, Patricia Kelley and Tee C. Royal, founder of one of the largest book review clubs nationwide, Publishers Weekly has also shown interest in this project. Executive Producer Marilyn Atlas,(Real Women Have Curves, HBO)and and Marc Hernandez of Crecendo Entertainment are also amongst selected judges. US film compainies as along with companies from as far as Toronto Canada, and London have embraced the project and will be looking at projects from including Producer Dawn Carter of Fox Pictures under her position as Executive producer for Donlyn Productions, which just wrapped principal photography of her independent production, "Contradictions of the Heart," in association with Bennet Five Entertainment Inc, starring Lisa Raye, Cliffton Powell, Christopher Duncan and others.

With the number of reality shows benefiting every other industry, this forum targeting some 80. million avid readers, along with aspiring writers and another built in audience of loyal fans of these nationally know authors, this show will be a great addition to the networks. With networks scrambling to 'retun to viewers with original, quality programming, this show is a no brainer for development and creative executives," says confident show creator, author and founder of the Book to Film Screenplay Search Festival, Vanessa Morman. "This is a timely project given the number of remakes we've seen on the big and small screen from War of the World, King Kong, Bewitched, to the The Honeymooners and other remakes which are all indicative of why Hollywood needs to meet with bookwood and adapt one of these titles into a film or television series."

booktofilmrealitytv is not only beneficial to both authors, and Hollywood, but to movie goers who are scratching their heads about the lack of orginality presented to moviegoers today. The resolve; an adaptation from a bevy of proven writers.

What will be very interesting is the underdog in the show; the self-published author without the huge marketing campaign afforded some traditionally published authors. In this setting, they will finally have equal footing with authors published by larger publishing houses.

Best-selling authors, self-published authors, publishers, publicists or agents may forward a press kit for those authors interested in being cast for the show.

Send press kits to Sheba Media Group at 1645 Pat Booker Rd#103 Suite 195 Universal City, Texas 78148.

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