Arms of Kismet Rolls Out New CD

Post-pop 'Cutting Room Rug' wraps pointed salvos as sweet confections.

Clifton, VA (PRWEB) April 29, 2005 -- If Arms of Kismet’s 2004 debut, Eponymous, was a heartfelt affirmation, the new Cutting Room Rug is its prankster twin, fusing parodic rants with tragic laments in a playful cocktail of satire and sincerity. From the mischievous “Clover” to the ominous “Coil,” the new CD is a dark joyride, careening from track to track like a condemned man in a funhouse. Its inhabitants can only cry at weddings, can only laugh at funerals.

Fans of postmodern popsters like Beck, The Flaming Lips, and The Postal Service will find a kindred spirit in Arms of Kismet. Cutting Room Rug forsakes pimpin’ and rides for pointed salvos wrapped as sweet confections. Split into three “acts,” it attacks with guitars, hooks, and dancebeats, wooing the listener with sugary, stuck-in-your-head melodies and fractured lyrics. The format recalls The Firesign Theatre and The Who Sell Out, veering between spiritual yearning and crass commercialism, compelling passers-by to forget their troubles and “spin the wheel.” It sketches a perilous, chaotic world begging for a skip and a chuckle.

Virginia-based Arms of Kismet blends disparate genres (“roots” music, ’80s rock, hip-hop) in offbeat and revelatory ways. From the hooky “Outbound Train” to the folky “Life Imitates” to the house-soaked “Cracks,” it paints a fast-changing landscape where one never knows what ripping good luck or bitter misfortune waits over the next hill. Brooding and poppy, funny and foreboding, it's toe-tapping, tragicomic rock 'n' roll.

Cutting Room Rug was written and produced by Mark Doyon, mastered by Jon Astley (Tori Amos, George Harrison, Pete Townshend), and released by independent label Wampus Multimedia. Guests include Kowtow Popof (“Life Imitates”) Janna Audey (“Coil”), Eamon Loftus (“Auriculara [Listen to Me]”), Scott Goodrick (“Clarendon”), and Paul Golder (“Auriculara [Listen to Me]”).

Doyon released CDs as Wampeters during the 1990s, and published a book of fiction, Bonneville Stories, in 2001. He thinks of Cutting Room Rug like a jigsaw puzzle. “Sometimes the puzzle falls off the table,” he says. “You can put it back together, or you can do something else with the pieces.”

Arms of Kismet was selected by as its Spotlight Artist for April 2005.

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