A Single Point of Failure of the Space Shuttle Fleet is Highlighted in the Neil Mavis Novel "Deorbit the Space Shuttle: Stem Cell Rescue"

In spite of redundant systems on the space shuttle, there is a single unit where there is no backup, and would necessitate an immediate deorbit.

(PRWEB) July 12, 2005 -- Concerning the scheduled July 13 launch of the space shuttle Discovery, “If space debris impacts the thermal exchange unit that is located on the cargo bay bulkhead, the fuel cells will overheat in about ninety minutes. There is no back up for the damaged thermal exchange unit,” author Neil Mavis said recently in Tulsa.

“The shuttle shuttle’s three fuel cells are cooled by moving the heat to the thermal radiators in the cargo bay doors. The radiators have two separate loops, however, all three fuel cell coolant loops and both radiator loops all converge in a single unit, the thermal exchange unit. If space debris impacts the cargo bay bulkhead near the thermal exchange unit, the shuttle will have no back up.”

"Deorbit the Space Shuttle: Stem Cell Rescue" highlights the Achilles heel of the NASA space shuttle fleet.

"...blood spraying the white cabin walls of Space Shuttle Atlantis flashed across television screens worldwide.” begins this near-future techno-thriller, a provocative novel by Neil Mavis that dramatizes the terrifying possibilities of a space shuttle rescue mission of a Hubble telescope gone awry.

The page-turning novel includes timely topics such as private spacecraft, medical marijuana, and alternative energy. (Heuristic Publishing; Publication Date: June 15, 2005; $16.95). Free reading is available at www.deorbit.com

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