Fireworks in Cyber-Space, Dunedin Celebrates the Fourth of July WiFi Style

In the true progressive spirit of America, the city of Dunedin, Florida is celebrating something extra this Independence Day weekend. As a gift to the city, CitiWiFi Networks will have downtown up and running with FREE WiFi service on the 3rd and 4th of July. This is the first time the WiFi service has been turned on in sections of the city.

(PRWEB) July 3, 2005 -- The historic city of Dunedin will light up more then the night sky this holiday weekend. The city will celebrate Independence day with an added bang for wireless internet lovers.

This holiday weekend, CitiWifi Networks is helping the city celebrate the true progressive American spirit. The company is turning on free wireless internet service in the downtown area for two days. The move will highlight the cities’ accomplishment as the first in the state to install metro-wide WiFi.

While the crowds fill Knology Park for a fireworks display on Sunday July, 3rd participants will be able to share the festivities with friends around the world.

“We wanted everyone in Dunedin celebrate the holiday by doing something they’ve never had the ability to do before,” says President of CitiWifi Networks, Frank McCarthy. “So, we’re providing free wireless internet in downtown and in the Marina.”

The move is sure to please visitors who will really see what Dunedin has to offer.

“I’ve never been in a live chat room discussing a fireworks display before,” says James Triller, a pre-subscriber who moved to the city from Seattle. “What a great way to let everyone know that Dunedin is on the forefront of technology!”

Anyone wishing to use the WiFi service this weekend, must simply attempt to access the internet from downtown. Web surfers will be taken directly to a welcome page offering free internet brought by CitiWiFi.

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