Individual Giving Is Needed To Make Certain All Children Are Ready To Read Upon Entry Into Kindergarten

If there were 100 children in a neighborhood, 100 children should show up ready for kindergarten ready to read. This solution would be new beginnings for many problems our society faces. Individual adults can deliver the gift of Early Reading Skills, and at the same time the skills of Choice, Civility, Character Development and Freedom of Speech. Most new beginnings these days includes new technology.

(PRWEB) August 17, 2005 -- Truly this is about adults individually giving these assets to children ages 3-6. If a parent doesn’t give the gift of early reading, someone else must or the child and society bears the deficit. The real issue (giving) is never further away than the family and the adults in the neighborhood, including parents, principals, executive directors, the faith-base, business and the general public. Times are changing, it is increasingly noticed when the neighborhoods do not create next steps like security, ethics, economics, growth jobs, and safety defined by the world economy.

Children have no say in what they miss. It is pay now or pay more later for those who have the gift to give.     There are significant paybacks for everyone when gifts are used to prevent children from falling behind. Families, extended families and substitutes, with only a little help, can make the commitment to at least the ready-to-read Pre-K level.

Giving a child freedom of speech is a secular activity, no matter who gives it. The Good Samaritan did not hold back because the government gridlocked over a 16 percent internal rate of return investment. This should be an acceptable enough story to guide what we must do today. Walk on by, in your own neighborhood, or fix it! Some of the neighborhoods need outside help- simply more capacity to deliver. Many in the faith-base know they have these opportunities and a purpose to give. Everyone can see the common good in the Good Samaritan. But, who is calling out for the need to GIVE at this level? Principals? Faith-Base? Executives? Districts? State? Federal Agencies?

The Ultimate Character Development Network centers from the public school and MAKES CERTAIN the neighborhood delivers 100% of the children ready-to-ready in kindergarten. It actually starts the collaboration with character development in grades K-3. Ultimately the Pre-K children also understand words like please, excuse me, thank you and others like fair, happy, and working because of the stories being read and told. See, including a discussion of Giving it Forward in the neighborhood. The sole purpose of the character development materials at is for schools and effective communities to pull this together for the children and themselves. These gifts are at least three times blessed.

USA VALUES – CDP, Character Development Programs promotes truth; 1) The gift of Early Reading Skills (the FIRST value) is required for ALL age 3–6 children before they start kindergarten; 2) This individual gift is the key to opportunity; 3) The gift is the most effective and lowest cost approach to preparing at-risk children for opportunities; 4) The principal is vested in 100% of the children starting kindergarten ready-to-read. CDP is a 501(C)(3) business expecting to link families, paid volunteers, early childhood learning and faith-base resources, schools, corporations and agencies to first deliver 100% of the children to be ready-to-read starting in kindergarten. For other press releases and commentary that encourage a response, see

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