Attention to Workstation Design Improves Safety, Productivity

By paying attention to computer workstation design, computer users can not only improve productivity, but also reduce the incidence of work-related injuries.

(PRWEB) August 8, 2005 -- "Studies have shown that any cost increases of using proper workstation equipment quickly pays a huge dividend with increases in improving the efficiency and health of those who use computer workstations," says Peter Velikanov, owner of, distributor of ergonomic products including ergonomic keyboards, mice, trackballs and arm supports.

"Our goal is to provide the computer user with products that increase both comfort and productivity and reduce injuries," Velikanov says.

Others agree.

"Work-related musculoskeletal system disorders (WMSDs), such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain, are the cost of not doing business right," according to the US Defense Department bulletin "Creating the Ideal Computer Workstation: A Step-by-Step Guide. "Seeking the best fit between workers, their equipment, and their work environment pays off for both management and workers. The reduction in workers' compensation and health care costs more than offsets the cost of ergonomic changes."

"Because computer work is highly repetitive and promotes static postures, it can cause discomfort over long periods of time," according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration publication, "Alternative keyboards". "Keep in mind that it is essential to examine the entire work environment to determine all possible causes of discomfort."

Links to these and other references as well as assistance in designing computer workstations to make them safer and more efficient is available at Velikanov's website, also offers a line of carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injury products to help improve the safety and productivity of those already suffering from these workplace injuries.

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