WORKMAGAZINE will Be Consumer Quarterly and will Accept Advertising for First Time

WORKMAGAZINE, a regional magazine focusing on career, life and leisure activities in the Richmond, VA area.

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) June 10, 2005 -- First conceived and launched by the Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc. as a business-to-business periodical to market the region, WORKMAGAZINE: Career Life in the Greater Richmond Region will transition to a consumer quarterly with its July issue.

'The magazine's popularity has grown to the point where the Partnership had to find a way to extend its distribution," said Gregory H. Wingfield, president and CEO of the Partnership.

The transition will involve a novel partnering between business organizations and the private sector to offset production and distribution costs. The Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce will handle advertising sales and Palari Publishing, an independent publisher located in Hanover County, VA, will develop and produce the quarterly. Ted Randler, the Partnership's vice president of media, will continue as the quarterly's executive editor.

Advertising will be accepted by the magazine for the first time under the new arrangement. "Advertisers will be able to attach their brands to a popular high-quality pro-business publication that features successful businesses and entrepreneurs and that represents the very best that the region offers in career strategy and creative living," Wingfield said.

"With the magazine's expansion into the consumer market, including sales in Ukrop's supermarkets and other retail outlets, the Partnership will be able to expand distribution and extend editorial coverage," he said.

The first quarterly business-to-business issue of the magazine was published bythe Partnership in July 2004. The current April 2005 issue is the magazine's fourth. The next issue, in July 2005, will be the first published under the new arrangement.

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