Is Mac More Secure Than Windows?

While writing a new book, Invasion of Privacy (Premier Press 2003), its author, a diehard Windows user, discovered Apple Macintosh is more secure than Microsoft Windows.

A decades-old question is answered in Invasion of Privacy: Big Brother and the Company Hackers (Premier Press 2003), a provocative new book by Michael J. Weber. A diehard Windows user, Weber never owned a Mac. Yet his research led him to conclude that Apple Mac is more secure than Windows. “Mac OS X, which is built on the UNIX kernel, is less susceptible to computer viruses, worms, and spyware than Windows is”, Weber asserts. “Not to suggest Mac users get off Scott-free. OS X is less susceptible but not invincible! That’s why the most popular antivirus programs and personal firewall for Windows are also available for Mac.”

Weber didn’t give much credence to Apple’s “Switch” ad campaign until he interviewed George Kurtz, the CEO of Foundstone Security, for Invasion of Privacy. He asked Kurtz a question about Windows security patches and Kurtz responded, “The best way to avoid them is to buy a Mac. I did!” Weber felt like he’d been transported into a TV commercial until he did more research and concluded that Kurtz was right.

“The recent rash of malware (W32.Sobig.F@mm, W32.Welcia, and W32.Blaster) which caused over $5 billion in damage and brought the Internet to its knees targeted Windows PC’s, not Mac. The inbox of Macintosh users filled with viral e-mail to be sure”, Weber explains. “But the worms and viruses couldn’t execute because they were aimed at security vulnerabilities in Windows programs!”

About the Book: Technology, advertising, the media, and government, have converged to invade our privacy. Invasion of Privacy: Big Brother and the Company Hacker (Premier Press) exposes the dangers and proposes a practical defense. Part 1, The Invasion, illustrates the threat and unmasks the spies in our midst. Part 2, Zone Defense, presents practical techniques to protect your privacy, personal information, and self.

Invasion of Privacy consists of great “people” stories. You'll meet a Silicon Valley multimillionaire who sued the company that inundated him with junk faxes for $2.2 trillion dollars. You'll meet a struggling college student who set up a sting worthy of Paul Newman and Robert Redford when a con artist ripped-off his Apple PowerBook on eBay. You'll meet anonymous hackers who have saved you without you even knowing it.

Invasion of Privacy: Big Brother and the Company Hackers (Premier Press 2003) lists for $29.99 and is available now at fine bookstores everywhere including Borders, Barnes & Noble, and on

About the Author: Invasion of Privacy is the second book written by Michael J. Weber in three years. His last, Confessions of an Internet Auction Junkie (Prima/Random House), was published in the winter of 2000. Weber's career began on Madison Avenue where he produced hundreds of TV commercials, including several award winners, for top sponsors and ad agencies. He eventually landed in Hollywood and started writing screenplays. Weber has since written over a dozen scripts and episodic series for major film studios.

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