In the Near Future, Your Computer may become a Weapon of Mass Destruction. PeaceMaker, a SciFi Thriller, Exposes the Emerging Threat of an “Intelligent” Computer Virus.

When we see a headline about weapons of mass destruction, we immediately think of Islamic terrorists launching chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. But another type of weapon will become equally dangerous and much more available within the next decade: an artificially intelligent computer virus. Dan Ronco explores this emerging threat in PeaceMaker, his new scifi thriller, released August 1, 2004 by Winterwolf Publishing. Complimentary copies are available to qualified individuals.

(PRWEB) August 16, 2004 -- This is what reviewers are saying about PeaceMaker:

“Author and obvious computer techie Dan Ronco delivers a breathtaking thriller of a story about a deadly computer virus called PeaceMaker, the decidedly evil organization behind it, and the one man who can stop it from literally crippling society as we know it.” ----- Marie Jones, Reviewer, (4 ˝ stars)

"... For computer geeks and Tom Clancy readers alike, PeaceMaker is hard to put down. Ronco gives us a sobering glimpse of just how vulnerable we are to "intelligent" viruses and the unstable personalities of those who create and unleash them. This is truly chilling material." ----- Joe Massucci, author of CODE:ALPHA

"Exciting, violent, thoughtful, and unfortunately true to life ... a powerhouse of computer adventure” ----- Piers Anthony, author of the classic XANTH series

“… Mr. Ronco's realistic dialog gives flavor and edge to his characters. The climax is taut and powerful.” ----- Jeanette Cottrell, Reviewer, eBook Reviews Weekly, author of Sliding on Rainbows

"PeaceMaker is a fast-paced and exciting speculative thriller. Dan Ronco uses his inside knowledge of the software industry to craft a chillingly plausible cautionary tale about the possible consequences of the world's growing reliance on computer technology.” ----- Victoria Strauss, author of The Burning Land

"With allusions to recent computer trials in the news, at least in the mind of this reviewer, this novel serves more as a dire warning of a future we may unwittingly be creating each day as we turn more and more control of our lives over to computer systems. While the read is enjoyable and fast, the issues this novel raises deserve serious consideration before the next power blackout or other disaster-man made or otherwise." ----- Kevin R. Tipple, Reviewer, Blue Iris Journal

Mr. Ronco has degrees in Nuclear Engineering, Computer Science and Chemical Engineering. He has held several senior-level management and technical positions within the information technology industry, including MCS General Manager with Microsoft. With more than two decades managing software development projects for a variety of clients, Mr. Ronco’s writing reflects an authentic, first-hand knowledge of emerging technologies and the people who develop them.Mr. Ronco may be scheduled for interviews to discuss this issue (e-mail protected from spam bots).

Title: PeaceMaker, ISBN: 0-975271-14-8, Author: Dan Ronco (, Publisher: Winterwolf Publishing (, Release Date: August 1, 2004, Number of Pages: 284, Genre: Science Fiction/Thriller, List Price: $15.49.

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