Checking the Pulse of iSeries Resources – iSeries Monitoring from Help/Systems is Key

The key to keeping an iSeries system running smoothly is iSeries monitoring. By using solutions like Help/Systems' Robot/CONSOLE for message monitoring and Robot/TRAPPER for SNMP trap and network device monitoring, organizations can effectively keep their fingers on the pulse of their iSeries systems.

(PRWEB) June 21, 2004 -- - Founded in 1982, Help/Systems is the world's largest company specializing in operations automation software for the IBM iSeries platform. iSeries monitoring, through solutions like Help/Systems' Robot/CONSOLE for message log monitoring and Robot/TRAPPER for SNMP trap and network device monitoring, gives organizations ready access to the entire network creating an enterprise management solution.

So much to watch
Take a moment and think about how much there is to keep track of on an iSeries systems these days: jobs, job queues, subsystems, lines, controllers, and devices; not to mention Web servers, Domino servers, TCP/IP, network servers, and any service that uses TCP/IP. Now, think about all the statuses for these resources: running, on hold, delay waiting, ineligible, lock waiting, message waiting, and more. Plus, no two job states are the same. Sometimes a message waiting status is good; other times, not so good. Even the most sophisticated IT professional can be overwhelmed trying to manage all of these resources.

So little time
Send Robot/CONSOLE, Help/Systems’ iSeries message and resource management package, to the rescue. Robot/CONSOLE iSeries monitoring can monitor iSeries resources and take action if the resource is not in the desired state, allowing operations staff to focus on issues elsewhere. Robot/CONSOLE has always been able to respond to messages sent to a message queue, but now it can make sure the necessary resources are available.

Robot/CONSOLE’s resource monitor checks define resources on the iSeries system to make sure they are in their correct status. And, Robot/CONSOLE is flexible – it can be customized to match an organizations’ environment.

Use OPAL recovery for total resource monitoring automation
For true automation, recovery options can be built into the resource monitoring setup. By using OPerator Assistance Language (OPAL) recovery Robot/CONSOLE can take action if it encounters a resource in an unexpected status.

Monitor job queues easily
Job queues are an area of contention for any iSeries support staff. Robot/CONSOLE can monitor the depth of job queues to ensure that jobs are being processed in a timely manner. Many IT shops are accountable for meeting various service levels associated with the services they provide. Monitoring job queue depth ensures that the jobs meet the most stringent service level requirements.

All services ready for action
Robot/CONSOLE resource monitoring goes beyond checking to be sure devices and jobs are in the correct state. It also verifies that important services are available and ready for use. Robot/CONSOLE checks the ports these services use and their corresponding iSeries job.

Whatever needs to be monitored, Robot/TRAPPER and Robot/CONSOLE are ready
Robot/TRAPPER with Robot/CONSOLE work to complete monitoring goals. Robot/TRAPPER can monitor other devices within an environment by using the SNMP capabilities built into most Ethernet-capable devices. With Robot/TRAPPER, you can capture SNMP traps sent from any device, turn them into iSeries messages, and take action if necessary. Robot/ TRAPPER can verify that devices are available on a network by using an echo request. If a device responds to the echo request, the device is “alive” on your network. Because SNMP is not native to the iSeries, this built-in function can be used to monitor any device that can send an SNMP trap. Devices such as time clocks, fire equipment, telephone switches, environmental controls, or even your security system.

Power, flexibility, and unlimited possibilities with the Robot Automated Operations Solution
In today’s competitive business environment, having computer-related services available is essential to the success of any organization. This means going beyond the iSeries to monitoring attached devices. By combining Robot/CONSOLE, Robot/TRAPPER, Robot/ALERT, and Robot/NETWORK, the possibilities are endless. The end result—a powerful, flexible enterprise monitoring system, capable of watching an entire network of devices—right at an IT Professionals fingertips.

About Help/Systems, Inc. -
Founded in 1982, Help/Systems is the world's largest company specializing is iSeries software for operations automation. Help/Systems was the first company in the United States to achieve certification under the international quality standard ISO 9001 and continues its certification today. The company develops, markets, and supports a modular suite of software products collectively known as the Robot Automated Operations Solution.

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