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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A., Applica announced Applica U2 for Windows XP , an expansion card and control box which turns a Windows-based computer into a two-user system. A user must have an extra monitor, mouse and keyboard before Applica U2 can create a second networked computer running simultaneously with the first system

With Applica Sofware and Hardware, many small office/home office environments have a Windows-based personal computer that under-utilizes the power of a Pentium processor. To extend unused microprocessor resources, Applica U2 ships with Applica, a multi-user software product. The package allows both systems to run "sophisticated applications" simultaneously.

Using Netscape's Internet browser, Navigator, or Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Applica users can simultaneously navigate the Internet from a single modem or DSL connection. The advantage means one user can be surfing the World Wide Web while a second person on the "networked" second station is checking e-mail.

Additionally, Applica U2 allows the second workstation to use peripherals connected to the first computer system, company officials said. A printer, CD-ROM, modem, hard drive, scanner and other devices can be accessed by the Applica-connected workstation.

Applica President Albert cohen, told PRnews , "Applica U2 is a great product for home users or small office users, who want a second computer. There is so much available power in a Pentium microprocessor that the presence of a second user is often not even detected."

Cohen also said Applica is talking to a number of computer manufacturers regarding a bundling announcement. If successful, the negotiations could result in a new bundling arrangement for retail customers.

Applica U2 is a Plug-and-Play, half-sized PCI (Industry Standard Architecture) board which ships with a fifteen-foot cable and a connector box for attaching a monitor, keyboard and mouse. A 50-foot cable is available for $239.

Currently, Applica U2 is available direct and through certain reseller channels. The company expects to make a major retail distribution announcement in the near future.

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