High Speed Communications and Fibrespan Team Up to Enable 'Plug and Play' Internet Access to Serviced Office Centres and Tenants

Internet access is fast becoming as important as telephones for the category of tenant that choose serviced office facilities, the type of tenant that’s growing fast, needs bandwidth-sometimes a lot and often needs it there-‘yesterday’, yearly contracts aren’t practical and lead times that can run into months are just not realistic.

(PRWEB) March 23, 2005 -- HSC are leveraging their high capacity Metro Ethernet network and Fibrespan’s innovative ‘last mile’ cable installation techniques to extend the network into new buildings and customers, “We are now ready to offer bandwidth at prices and speeds you could only previously enjoy if you were based in a data center, all tenants need to do is turn up, plug in their equipment and away they go” said Scott Charles HSC’s Operations Director.

“We are not talking about anything similar to BT broadband here either” said Steve Tyler, Fibrespan’s Managing Director “We’re talking about carrier grade circuits, with decent SLA’s, installed on fibre optic cable that we own and manage”. “With the inherent ‘Bandwidth-On-Demand’ functionality on the HSC network tenants can choose services from ADSL replacement services through to Gigabit Ethernet, each paying for what they use, when they use it, with contract terms of only a month”.

Although it’s not new for commercial landlords to provide the infrastructure for their tenants to use the Internet, it’s not as widespread as it could be, “Until now landlords have been left in an awkward position” said Scott, “It’s generally agreed that including Internet access can seriously add value to a landlords proposition but do they do a deal with a provider to install a big old circuit and be left holding the baby if tenants don’t use it? Or do they install a cost effective solution, contend everybody into a small pipe and provide poor service, potentially pushing Internet dependent or growing companies away?” You can understand why many landlords choose to do nothing and subsequently miss out on the commercial opportunities that are out there.

“We are looking at things differently” said Steve “Starting from the tenant’s perspective How much bandwidth do they need? How long do they need it for? How fast are their requirements growing?.....How can these questions be answered realistically? the current tenant could be a fifty strong team of software developers, they might be on the Internet all day every day demanding bandwidth day and night, when they move out after 6 months and the chartered accountants move in are they going to demand the same amount of bandwidth?-possible but unlikely, all we are doing is turning things on its head, we install virtually unlimited capacity bringing the HSC network to the door and charge either the landlord, overall or the tenants, individually based on what they use, when its used, no over-provisioning-no waste, at the end of the day you don’t pay for electricity when the lights are off why should corporate Internet access be any different?”

About HSC
High Speed Communications (HSC) is a rapidly expanding network service provider; providing next generation IP services to financial institutions, corporate companies, the public sector and many SMEs. HSC has established Points of Presence covering Central, North, East, South and West London, Docklands and The City and specialise in high capacity 10/100/1000Mbps fibre optic circuits within the M25.

About Fibrespan
FibreSpan has developed its patent-pending 'Trenchless MicroDuct Technique' as a solution to the high cost of deploying fibre optic cable, particularly in metropolitan environments. Traditional methods of burying fibre in trenches are slow, expensive and hard on the existing infrastructure. With their Trenchless MicroDuct Technique, Fibrespan can deploy quickly, inexpensively and with virtually no impact on the existing carriageway or footway

Detailed information can be found at www.hscgroup.co.uk

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/3/prweb220381.htm