Agel Introduces Gel Suspension Technology

"Can a pre-launch company be solid enough to quickly become the next giant in the network marketing industry? Agel might be the next industry-changing innovation with an entirely new category of products never seen before and the financial backing of a billion dollar publicly traded company.

(PRWEB) March 6, 2005 -- offers access to a new delivery mechanism for nutritional products that is setting the health and wellness industry on its ear.

An incredible number of people are getting online to become the first distributors for a new company called Agel. A network marketer with 9 years experience was quoted saying “I have been searching for a company with a unique new product and also the chance to join a company near the top. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that anyone can take advantage of”. Another network marketer stated that “90% of the wealthiest network marketers today joined a solid company either in the pre-launch phase or within the first few months of the company’s life”. The key to exponential profits in real estate is location. The key to exponential profits in Network Marketing is timing.

The convenience of is amazing. The website provides a place for people to get more information about Agel and their gel suspension products. The proprietary Gel Suspension technology makes it possible for the body to immediately start absorbing the product in your mouth. Never before has such a convenient method been available for consuming nutritional products. Information is also available on Agel’s billion dollar financial partner. Immediate recognition of this publicly traded company will command industry attention and create enrollment frenzy.

The first distributor meeting was held in Tampa, Florida on January 28 and 29th. There were 88 participants representing 9 different countries and within a couple of weeks the number had grown to several thousand. Agel will officially open for business in April of 2005. is owned and operated by Xposure Advertising Inc.

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