Digital Dynamics Software Releases New IP Telephony Applications

Wake-up/Reminder Call and Find-Me IP Telephony Applications are added to IP Telephony Application Suite.

Schaumburg, IL (PRWEB) March 21, 2005 -- Digital Dynamics Software, Inc. announced today the release of two new IP Telephony Applications designed to work with Cisco IP Telephony systems. The Wake-up/Reminder Call and Find-Me IP Telephony applications further enhance Digital Dynamics’ suite of workforce productivity IP telephony applications.

The new Wake-up/Reminder Call Application enables a user to easily create a personal wake-up/reminder call. Automated wake-up/reminder calls can be made to the user’s IP telephone extension or to any external line, such as a mobile phone. When the wake-up call is answered, the user is given the option to “snooze” for a pre-defined amount of time and receive another wake-up call. The wake-up/reminder calls can be created using a web-based screen, using the IP Telephone screen, or by calling a special Wake-up/Reminder Call extension from any phone and using the phone keypad to answer voice prompts.

The new Find-Me application enables users to set-up a "Find-Me" list of contact phone numbers to enable incoming calls to find users when they are not at their desk. After a call to a user’s IP phone extension goes unanswered, the system will prompt a caller to announce his or her name and then the system will sequentially call each of the user’s find-me numbers to try and locate the user. PIN authentication ensures that the user is only person that can answer the call. This application enables callers to only need one contact phone number to reach a user, while letting users keep all their other phone numbers, such as mobile, home, and pager numbers private.

“The Wake-up/Remainder Call and Find-Me functionality further enhances our IP Application Suite to enable users to be even more productive.” Said Anthony Antonucci, president of Digital Dynamics Software, Inc. “Our system can automatically call users to wake them up or remind them of important events. And when users are not at their desk, it can automatically locate and connect them to incoming calls.”

Digital Dynamics Software is providing Cisco IP Telephone users with a free 30-Day free evaluation version of its IP Telephony Application Suite. The evaluation software can be downloaded at

About Digital Dynamics Software
Based in Schaumburg, Illinois, Digital Dynamics Software has been engineering innovative software applications and providing professional software development consulting services for over twenty years.

Digital Dynamics’ IP Telephony Application Suite version 2.2 consists of a full suite of integrated IP Telephony applications designed to increase workforce productivity for multiple vertical markets. The Application Suite has been independently tested and certified as Cisco AVVID compliant.

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