DataPortal(TM) Product Version 1.0.2 Launched April 4, 2005 - Presented at Gerber Scientific's "Innovation @ Work"

"DataPortal is a software solution that enables the immediate, effortless exchange of business data over the Web, without development." - Connection Concepts' President and CTO Gary Whitten makes presentation on DataPortal product

Hartford, CT (PRWEB) April 13, 2005 -- Connection Concepts, Inc. of Hartford Connecticut and Washington, DC, have introduced Gerber Scientifics' "Innovation at Work" partners DataPortal, ( a product that enables the immediate exchange of business data over the Web without a developmental effort.

President and Chief Technology Officer of Connection Concepts Gary Whitten explains that "DataPortal can provide a standardized business communication channel that facilitates the integration and automation of business systems and processes without the need for unecessary data conversions."

Whitten goes further "Before DataPortal, there had been no standard for transferring business data without some development effort or prior knowledge of the data. Business processing had yet to experience a revolution in productivity comparable to that resulting from the introduction of the Web.

"Previously, to exchange business data, systems must conform to demanding Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) requirements, or programmers must develop transfer schemes on a case-by-case basis. While XML is more general, it remains inefficient because it still requires a data conversion effort and increases the amount of data that must be transferred."

"As the web has standardized and simplified the exchange of electronic documents, a similar revolution could result from the standardization and simplification of a business data exchange."

DataPortal and an overview of BDE (Business Data Exchange); Whitten will be discussing "BDE" while meeting with Gerber Scientific. He maintains that all components involved in a complete business process (for example, an ordering system which may include inventory, shipping, billing, and receiving sub-systems), should be able to work together seamlessly, with effortless sharing of data.

Whitten also said, "This is where DataPortal is a vital tool to drive business data exchange, and, subsequently, business process integration."

Below are the topics that Whitten reviewed for Gerber Scientific's "Innovation@Work" audience:

What is DataPortal?
DataPortal is a new product that provides a standardized framework for exchanging business data immediately and without developmental effort.

DataPortal provides a more flexible and efficient alternative to traditional EDI. While no formal universal standard of (a) BDE (business data exchange) has previously existed, we're aware that many business system operations involve the transfer of data from one Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS/Database) to another. Database data can serve as a natural and common language (lingua franca) for business systems, making conversion to other forms ( EDI, XML) unnecessary.

How does DataPortal work?
DataPortal transfers a Database over the Web in its entirety, including both structure and content, from a source Database to the destination Database without development or prior knowledge of the source Database.

Similar to the document-centric Web, DataPortal can be used to publish a complete Database residing in any supported, standards-compliant Database system. The published Database can be transferred, by an authorized client, to any other supported, standards-compliant target Database.

The user requires only a DataPortal Web URL; no development effort or explicit software installation on the client is needed, if the DataPortal Applet client is used.

DataPortal provides the kind of effortless business data transfer that is required to reduce or even eliminate one of the barriers to the integration and automation of business systems and processes.

The DataPortal Solution:
DataPortal transfers business data in the form of database data, minimizing the need for unnecessary conversions. DataPortal only needs to use the standard Web infrastructure and a user requires only a Java-enabled browser and the URL of a DataPortal? server to perform a transfer.

Business data can be transferred, shared and exchanged over the Web using DataPortal immediately, without development effort or need for unnecessary and costly data conversions.

DataPortal can serve as a standard for business data communication, reducing both the cost and time involved in business data integration.

DataPortal reduces barriers to the widespread integration and automation of business systems.

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DataPortal "A web tool for agile business"

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