"TCP/IP Quick Guide" For Learning, Using and Creating Networking Technologies

Javvin just released a new title "TCP/IP Quick Quide". The guide is a "Must-Have" quick reference for IT/Networking people who are learning, using or creating networking technologies.

(PRWEB) March 21, 2005 -- Javvin has just published the "TCP/IP Quick Guide", a well designed reference with the most critical information for the daily use by people who are using or creating networking technologies. It is especially an excellent tool for students who are taking networking technology courses or trying to pass networking related certifications such as Cisco certification CCNA, CCIE, CCNP, Microsoft Certification MCSE, CompTIA certification Network+ and Security+, etc.

This guide includes the most often used information on the TCP/IP subject and is an excellent supplement to many books on the same subject. The top three values that the TCP/IP Quick Guide provides to readers are: 1) a comprehensive and clear map of all TCP/IP protocols presented in the OSI 7 layers models; 2) the most critical TCP/IP information charted for people to find in seconds; 3) a portable tool for you to carry, insert into a folder or put on your desk.

After successfully publishing other titles in the networking technology fields, including the Network Protocols Map (http://www.javvin.com/map.html) and Network Protocols Handbook (http://www.javvin.com/model.html), this new addition will further enhance people's experience in learning and practicing networking technologies.

"Javvin employees have years of experience in the networking and telecom industries. We will continue bringing practical and high quality information products to help our colleagues and in the industry." Said Dr. Jielin Dong, President of Javvin Technologies. "The challenge in our times is too much information and finding the real jewels from tons of stones is our value-add."

Outline of the TCP/IP Quick Guide is as follows:
-Comprehensive Protocol Map focus on TCP/IP protocol suite and key layer 1 and 2 LAN, WAN an MAN protocols 
-Detailed explanations of IPv4 and IPv6; IPv4 and IPv6 addressing schemes; IPv4 and IPv6 feature comparison
-Detailed TCP and UDP information and header structures
-Descriptions of commonly used TCP/IP utilities such as ICMP, TCPdump and Ping
-Comprehensive list of the mostly used TCP and UDP port numbers 
-Formatted in the 8.25in x 11in paper size as a portable reference.

More details regarding this "TCP/IP Quick Guide" can be found at: http://www.javvin.com/tcpipguide.html.

The following are some comments from our readers of the TCP/IP Quick Guide:
"This TCP/IP quick guide is an excellent reference for my daily TCP/IP related questions."

"The TCP/IP quick guide helped me nail down my CCNA exam. Thank you."

"I love the TCP/IP protocol map!"

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