Pedagog USA validates "ITT MeshNet" for US Army: "A Self-Healing Solution"

The United States Army recently validated Pedagog USA's tactical wireless video concept. Pedagog USA is a ITT Communication and Aerospace VAR. "ITT MeshNet" is stealth in nature yet has broadband data capabilities such as video and remote robotics.

Ft. Polk, LA (PRWEB) March 31, 2005 -- The 1st of the 71st Cavalry Squadron from 10th Mountain Division, Ft. Drum, New York has recently validated a new wireless video concept which could speed tactical decisions in the battlefield. With the use of MeshNet, a tactical broadband network with mesh architecture, it is possible to transmit live video data from known areas of interest rapidly.

"We must become more informed with correct data which will allow for more tactical precision.With this capability, we can remove troops from danger and still have a watchful eye. Roadside IED activity could essentially be monitored as well as other known areas of interest. There are numerous capabilities that tie to MeshNet, such as UAVs, UGV's and other sensor technology. Pedagog USA was with us for 3 weeks, as we trained the guys to use it. We were able to transmit video from long, medium and short range rapidly with minimal deployment time. MeshNet will assist us to see first, understand, assess and execute. This data acquisition process could define a new age in intelligence gathering and save the lives of many." (1-71 Squadron Commander, Mark Meadows)

Scott Fry, CEO of Pedagog USA, a Tulsa firm, said "This application didn't happen overnight. Ft. Polk is a nightmare in terms of radio signal. Its basically a forest with 80 foot trees, even more difficult than an urban canyon scenario. We knew what we were getting into before we got here. At one point we were transmitting live thermal video from 39 KMs, something thats never been done at Polk. Overall, the endeavor was successful, however, we had our problems. The fact our solution is self contained and runs on alternate power always demands attention. We provide a best of breed COTS solution where all of the components were vetted by rigourous testing. Mediocrity will fail in a tactical environment. Pedagog USA has put together a solution which can be deployed quickly, left for days, self powered and is stealth in nature. The Pedagog/ ITT MeshNet Solution offers information to be shared virtually and in realtime. The commander forward as well as the TOC (Tactical Operations Center) which is the brains of the activity, can share in the decision making. A helicopter UAV that is used in the solution, enhances communication and also video transmission.

Pedagog USA LLC is a general contractor that seeks out cutting edge COTS solutions for DOD, DHS and local authority.

Scott Fry
Pedagog USA LLC

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