Aggressive Spam Defense 2.3 Released - Now with 4 Levels of Protection

Aggressive Spam Defense is an awarded anti-spam software solution for your desktop. Building on the advanced filtering available in version 1.0, Aggressive Spam Defense v2.3 offers even better accuracy and a tremendous increase in speed. Also it is now sporting 4 selectable levels of protection that will suit most users.

(PRWEB) March 28, 2005 -- HACE releases version 2.3 of their awarded anti-spam solution, Aggressive Spam Defense.

Aggressive Spam Defense (ASD) can keep your in-box clean by automatically deleting unsolicited emails even before they are seen.

Every email that comes in is analyzed and given a 'spam-score' based on configurable criteria. If this score grows too high, emails are flagged as spam and optionally automatically deleted.

Emails are also highlighted in different colors so you quickly can see which ones deserve your attention. Checking your email accounts quietly in the background, you are immediately notified if an important email comes in.

A big percentage of spam is detected right after installation. Further tuning is done by simply dragging a slider and clicking a button. Offering 4 modes of operation, ASD is suitable for most scenarios. Multiple white-lists are also available to minimize the risk of misdetecting an email.

Most harmful email attachments (viruses, trojans etc.) are flagged as possibly dangerous and optionally auto-deleted. If you are unsure of what an email contains, it can be safely previewed without the risk of catching a virus or revealing your active email-address to the spammer.

Extensive documentation and help is available. But by means of an integrated help-system, you will hardly ever have to leave the program itself if help should required.

Ease of use, level of user control, and flexibility has been a priority during development, and the user-interface has been streamlined for manipulating emails.

Aggressive Spam Defense v2.3 is available now for immediate download and free evaluation. More information is available at the HACE web-site:

Aggressive Spam Defense can keep the size of your in-box down by automatically deleting unsolicited emails. Emails are also color-coded according to your criteria so you quickly see which ones are important. You can also safely preview emails without the risk of catching a virus.

HACE was formed in 1996 and has released many innovative and popular software solutions that are all available for free evaluation.

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