Sally Earlam Appointed Main Course Tutor At Central London College of Reflexology (CLCR).

Sally Earlam RGN MAR has been elevated to the position of Main Course Tutor at Central College College of Reflexology (CLCR).

(PRWEB) January 5, 2005 -- It has been confirmed that Sally Earlam RGN MAR has been elevated to the position of Main Course Tutor at Central London College of Reflexology (CLCR). This follows comprehensive appraisal by the Association of Reflexologists (UK) and takes immediate effect. Sally has been a Registered General Nurse for over 15 years. She then graduated from the Central London College of Reflexology in 1999.

Since then Sally has built up a busy Private Reflexology Practice, run sessions in Reflexology and Health as part of a Parenting Course for the Lambeth Education Directorate, and additionally works at a London Hospice.

She has also been involved with CLCR as an Assistant Tutor since 1999, and philanthropically carries out treatments for students (and the unwaged) at discounted rates.

About Central London School of Reflexology (CLSR):
Central London School of Reflexology (CLSR) is one of the longest established Reflexology Schools in the United Kingdom , with a Solid International Base.

CLCR was established in early 1989 to effectively train and mentor Independent Practitioners of Reflexology to the Highest Professional Standards. Our Core Curriculum currently meets (and possibly exceeds) the Foundation Requirements set out by the House of Lords Report (2000) on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and the Reflexology Forum.

This will ensure that all CLCR Graduates will be appropriately qualified to take full advantage of New Career Opportunities which are swiftly becoming available to Reflexologists all over the globe ,as the World moves towards a more Integrated Approach to Healthcare Delivery. We have consistently gained a highly unique reputation for providing one of the World's most Comprehensive, Ethical, Professional, Informative and Cost-Effective Reflexology Courses available.

Our 'Tailored' Government-Approved (ABC) Diploma Courses in Reflexology are held over nine months and on graduation CLSR Practitioners in Reflexology will be eligible to join the Association of Reflexologists (AoR), becoming entitled to use the letters MAR after their names.

Additionally, Central London College of Reflexology is currently the only Accredited Training Institution by the Faculty of Refloxology (FoR) ; an International Caucus of Seasoned Consultants in Advanced Reflexology. In most European Countries and International States which reciprocally recognise British Qualifications, most CLCR graduates should not have difficulty integrating seamlessly into their own Local Healthcare Systems.

CLCR Graduates will also (subject to satisfactory conditions) be ethically listed on an International Referral Database, which is continuously updated and made freely available globally to the Medical Profession , Qualified Healthcare Practitioners and other members of the public who may wish to seek the services of Qualified Reflexologists.

CLCR has formidably and flawlessly laid the Selfless Foundations for many other Independent Reflexology Schools to freely model and emulate.

CLCR is fully committed to finding gainful employment for Successful Graduates in various organizations like Health Clubs, Hotels, Holiday Resorts, Health Farms, Spas, Hospitals, Hospices, Clinics, Elderly Care Homes, Day Centres, Private Health Establishments, Beauty Parlours and many other Institutions.

CLCR is conveniently situated in the heart of Covent Garden in Londonís West End and located close to Charing Cross, Leicester Square and Covent Garden Underground Tube Stations.

Understanding Reflexology:
The healing art of Reflexology has been practiced for many thousands of years. One of the earliest recordings of this therapy is a painting within the tomb of the physician in ancient Egypt dated 2300BC and illustrated Reflexology treatments being performed on the feet and hands. When Native Americans practiced a form of Reflexology they believed that energy is exchanged from the earth through the feet and considered how important it is that there are no blockages in the feet to stop this flow of energy.

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