Theramedix Announces a Breakthrough in Enzyme Technology

Exciting news in the enzyme industry. Theramedix is preparing for its launch to health care practitioners in a couple of weeks and has given the world a sneak preview of what's to come. They have unveiled Thera-blend, a new sophisticated technology that addresses the varying pH levels of the body, guaranteeing higher activity and effectiveness.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 20, 2005 -- Theramedix announced today that health care practitioners will now have access to an enzyme product line that addresses the varying pH levels of the body and specifically the GI Tract. Since the human body presents varying pH levels in the GI tract from pH2-pH 8 (2 –acidic in stomach and 8 –alkaline in small intestine), enzyme formulations should be active in these environments to be considered effective. To address this issue, the company has developed a proprietary Thera-blend™ system for the top 4 categories of enzymes: protease, lipase, amylase and cellulase.

This means that through Thera-Blend technology each of these categories are represented by multiple enzymes, guaranteeing higher activity and natural integrity of each formula. For example, there are four different proteases in the protease Thera-blend (protease is the enzyme that digests protein). The Thera-blended proteases are formulated specifically to deliver efficacy at the entire pH range found in the body. The goal of Theramedix in offering this sophisticated technology is to provide a plant based enzyme line with the highest potency available to the Health Care Professional market.
“Enzymes can provide many health benefits, but the benefits are only as effective as the delivery system. Why formulate something that does not work optimally in the body?” said Kalyna Hanover, Director of Theramedix. “The Thera-blend technology is a true innovation in that it offers genuine functional benefits. Health care professionals no longer have to question whether a particular enzyme is working at various pH levels throughout the digestive system. We have optimized enzyme activity in a wider pH range, while continuing to focus on efficacy.“

“As a significant growth driver at Theramedix, our enzyme research has received our full attention and focus,” said Tom Bohager, CEO of the company. “Innovation has driven our novel Thera-blend technology, and placed our line of products at the forefront of the enzyme category. You would be hard pressed to find another company with such commitment to enzyme therapy.” Unlike most of their competitors, Theramedix does not make vitamin supplements. The company specializes in only enzyme formulations, which range in benefit from enhanced absorption of nutrients to systemic immune support. The new line of enzymes will be widely available in mid-May. All Theramedix products are 100% vegan and vegetarian without any fillers. In addition, each batch is third-party tested for efficacy and label standardization.

Theramedix, a subsidiary of Enzymedica, formulates a premiere line of plant based, pharmaceutical grade enzymes to health care professionals. Theramedix is based in San Francisco, California. The distribution facility is in Venice, Florida. Log onto for more information. For media inquires call Constance St. John, The St. John Group, 415-454-2243.

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