Georgia Secretary Of State Goes Statewide With Tridia iTivity

Tridia iTivity is a secure, cross-platform, remote-support solution for organizations that need to safely support, sell, and collaborate over the Internet

ATLANTA | OCTOBER 14, 2004 | Tridia Corporation (, a global provider of secure, Internet–ready, cross-platform, connectivity software for remote administration, support, and collaboration announces the statewide deployment of Tridia iTivity™ by the Georgia Secretary of State. Tridia iTivity is used to support remote PCs of voter registrars in each of Georgia’s 159 counties.

“Tridia iTivity is a Godsend for anyone responsible for remote support or help desk,” says Wes Peters, IT network administrator of the Georgia Secretary of State. “Before iTivity, I had to walk registrars though their problems over the telephone. Tridia iTivity saves me hours and hours, and hours. It works no matter how a remote PC is configured and without lowering security.”

“There is nothing more frustrating than to stand in line to pay for something or vote,” says Vince Frese, CEO and president of Tridia Corporation. “As computers and software gain popularity for mission-critical applications like tabulating votes, there will also be times when they do not function as advertised. These are the times when seconds and security will matter most. Tridia iTivity is well suited for voting applications because it provides secure access to remote screens of most any configuration. Tridia iTivity delivers extraordinary savings in time and personnel that technology driven companies and governments immediately benefit from.”

Tridia iTivity is a self-hosted solution that eliminates the monthly subscription fees of competing services. Not only is this less expensive, but it also increases privacy. Tridia iTivity eliminates the need for VPNs, which can be messy, unsecured, and time consuming to implement.

iTivity leverages Tridia's long history of technical innovation and customer success to provide an innovative, yet affordable, Internet-based collaboration and support platform. It is from the Tridia iTivity platform that companies can put forth a standardized connectivity solution that meets their needs today, and for some time to come.

For more information on iTivity and Tridia's family of remote administration and support products visit the Tridia Corporation Web site at or Telephone: 770-428-5000.

About Tridia Corporation   
Tridia Corporation is a global provider of secure, Internet-ready, cross-platform connectivity software for remote administration, support, and collaboration. Tridia products connect people and technology to deliver reliable, time-sensitive solutions. For more than 17 years, Tridia has been a leading developer of connectivity technologies for UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows environments. Founded in 1987, Tridia Corporation is a privately owned, Atlanta-based software development company.

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