Adeptia Releases the XML Mapper for Easy and Rapid Data Integration

Allows graphical data mapping and auto-generation of programming code

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 23, 2004 -- Adeptia Inc., an innovative provider of business process management technologies, announced today the release of Adeptia XML Mapper version 1.0, a data mapping software with comprehensive functionality to make easier the task of enterprise-wide data integration.

Adeptia XML Mapper is a web-based product for managing data transformation rules. It is a graphical tool that enables visual data mapping for automatic generation of mapping code in XSLT. This allows for rapid specification of complex business rules in easy to understand English rather than code. It auto-generates data transformation code in a fraction of time compared to custom manual coding.

The XML Mapper is intended for use by software developers who develop customized XML-based integration to automate transformation and exchange of enterprise data. While the XML Mapper is easy to use, it is well-suited to design complex data maps and business rules. “Adeptia’s goal is to make business process integration easy, quick and accessible to companies of all sizes. Just as website-design applications revolutionized the web by auto-generation of HTML, the XML Mapper will transform the way XML integration requirements are managed.”, said Lou Ennuso, CEO of Adeptia.

The XML Mapper is a powerful yet easy-to-use development environment that helps software engineers become more productive at working with XML technologies. This tool is targeted towards users that are not proficient with XML standards, although it contains all the functionality that an expert XML user may require.

The key benefits of the XML Mapper are:
• Simplified management of data transformation rules
• Accelerate XML-based software development
• Increase productivity of developers
• Improve consistency and reduce errors

“XML Mapper helps bridge the gap between business and IT because complex data mapping rules can be applied in English and directly printed out in PDF format for review and sign-off by business users.” said Deepak Singh, CTO of Adeptia.

Pricing and Availability
Adeptia XML Mapper will be available for FREE download from December 1, 2004 at the Adeptia website. Adeptia reserves the right to modify its pricing at any time.

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