A Picture's Worth 1,000 Words: eXpertLingo Helps Creatives, Writers, Innovators and Presenters with Fast Growing 400,000 Image, 1,000,000 Word Creativity Program

RichContent's eXpertSystem and eXpertLingo creativity software suite expands professional image database to 400,000, increasing the creative output and productivity of Creatives, Writers, Innovaters, and Presenters. The use of images enhances the creative process and combines the elements of mind-mapping and outlining, and with an ever-expanding database of images, creating presentations can be done quickly and effortlessly.

Portland, OR (PRWeb) September 6, 2005A picture not only has the ability to enhance the written word, but has the power to dramatically drive a point home and can often speak volumes as opposed to words alone. This is why RichContent's eXpertSystem(TM) and eXpertLingo(TM) creativity software suite has been designed with an intelligently integrated set of tools that includes a recently expanded image database that offers 400,000 images. This is good news for the busy professional needing to come up with that last minute presentation with no time to search the internet for just the right picture that says it all. With eXpertLingo, the perfect image is just a few seconds away.

The eXpertLingo program is a unique brainstorming creativity engine that uses words, phrases, popular search engine phrases and images to help explore ideas quickly and easily. The program combines directly with eXpertSystem creating a hybrid of mind mapping and outlining capabilities, and comes in the form of a miniature browser that is easily accessible, making the creative process a breeze. Crafting an effective and intelligent presentation can be accomplished in a matter of minutes when you have a plethora of images at your fingertips seamlessly bundled with the smart technology of eXpertSystem.

The picture database is provided by iStockPhoto.com and appears as thumbnail images within eXpertLingo and can be easily accessed by entering a keyword of choice into the browser and selecting the Image button. Within seconds, a set of related images will appear, and with the expanded database, you have even more opportunities to find the one that captures your content in the most meaningful way and can be instantly added to your presentation.

"Feedback from clients on the expanded image database has been extremely positive. Comments from current users continue to come in, saying that it has definitely increased both the quality and quantity of their creative output when using eXpertLingo", says Eric Kinney, VP of Product Development and Operations for RichContent.com.

eXpertSystem(tm) and eXpertLingo(tm) are offered as a paired software program that utilizes subject-specific questions compiled by experts in the field, user generated comments, along with web links, words and images derived from the web in order to develop creative solutions to everything from writing to product development, marketing to advertising and consulting. This program harnesses the often wildly unorganized creative process and organizes it effortlessly, affording creatives a more productive and effective means of sharing their ideas.

The software is available as both a Macintosh OSX or Windows XP program, and ships with a set of eXpertTopic(tm) modules that provide in-depth queries in 15+ areas of expertise. The eXpertSystem-eXpertLingo software is priced at $99 to $549 and is available online at www.richcontent.com.

For more information contact the company at RichContent.com or 949-903-1987.

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