Facternet To Pay Website Owners for Listing Their Site in the Facternet Today Web Directory

While most web directories make you pay to have your site listed, Facternet has decided to do things a little different with the launch of Facternet QSRS, a service that pays you for listing your own website.

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK (PRWEB) September 12, 2005 -- Facternet Today's Web Directory Service has just undergone a major makeover in an effort to transform it from just another web directory into something that internet users will access on a daily basis.

What started out as just a website relaying Open Directory Project Listings is turning into much more, as Facternet attempts to bring organization to the web.

Anthony Robinson, 19, from Nottingham UK was tired of search results offered by major search engines "Chances are only around 20 of the results are of any use, but engines insist on returning millions of sites. It's getting to the point where you will need a search engine, just to search your results" claims Robinson, the owner of Facternet.com.

Robinson launched Facternet today just over 4 months ago, the site was basically Open Directory Data displayed in an informative way, however even Open Directory Data has its disadvantages. Robinson wanted more, so at the end of August 2005, Facternet started accepting its own website submissions from users which would be placed around the directory.

When the user submissions service opened, it offered a whole host of features with sites submitted being given a full review of their site, a large thumbnail, a star rating and the ability for visitors to rate and review the site.

Robinson said "The Internet is just full of information wanting to be explored, Facternet's aim is to make all that information as accessible as possible in a safe, easy-to-use environment. Visitors can read in-depth descriptions of sites, and see a thumbnail before they visit."

Last week, the service saw another major update, which allows website owners to be paid for running a good website. "Each website that has been added by our own user submissions service allows the visitors to give the site a star rating. The star rating they give is turned into site points, and when a site earns 30 points, we give the site owner a cash reward in recognition of their efforts."

"Facternet aims to give everyone a fair chance when running a website. Most search engines list the most popular sites first, but what's the point in that? Chances are we already know what the most popular sites are," states Robinson. "We want people to start exploring what the web has to offer, and start rewarding owners of sites that visitors think are good."

Facternet Today's Web Directory can be found at www.facternet.com

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/9/prweb283677.htm