BusinessEdge Solutions Leverages Latest in Microsoft Technology To Enable Nimble Deployment of a Field Force Application

Smart Manager Platform, a field force optimization tool that leverages the latest Microsoft technology, allows field force 20% more time in the field.

East Brunswick, NJ, (PRWEB) September 9, 2005 -- BusinessEdge Solutions Inc., an East Brunswick, NJ based industry-focused business and technology consulting firm, announced a client deployment of its Next Generation Smart Manager Platform (SMP), a field force optimization tool that leverages the latest Microsoft technology to allow client firms to quickly and affordably develop and deploy mobile applications, improving field force effectiveness, enhancing market share and increasing revenues.

SMP leverages Microsoft .NET framework’s latest in Smart Client and Occasionally Connected Computing (OCC) technology, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005® and NetAdvantage™, the development toolset from Infragistics®, a leading publisher of presentation layer tools and services, to create an integrated mobile productivity application. This application establishes a nimble environment for developers, and provides a familiar and rich interface for end users that requires minimal ongoing support, and ensures quick and widespread enterprise adoption. The use of Smart Client technology extends the system functionalities of a client’s legacy infrastructure, transforming it into a new mobile operating environment while protecting the firm’s previous systems investments. This enables the comprehensive automation of field support systems and significantly increases the time available to spend in the field.

The six-month BusinessEdge Solutions SMP rollout enabled field operatives at the client firm to effectively access relevant information, complete tasks and share information anywhere, anytime. Now, more productive, the field operatives at the client firm spend as much as 80% of their time in the field – an increase of 20% – while decreasing the administrative overhead that constrained their ability to be responsive to revenue-generating opportunities prior to SMP implementation.

Field operatives have typically been inundated with information and requests for information from all directions, and burdened by administrative and reporting responsibilities. This has limited their time in the field as well as their ability to take advantage of actionable opportunities to boost sales and impact overall organizational effectiveness.

SMP mitigates these constraints, by providing field operatives with complete visualization of relevant data from multiple sources and systems. SMP delivers personalized metrics and alerts, enables the integration of work tasks and documents, and affords an integration layer that connects the dashboard to the existing portfolio of systems to provide transparent synchronization between mobile devices and backend systems.

The smart manager platform offers user companies business agility, quick time-to-market, ease of integration, increased productivity and a low cost of ownership. Powerful visualizations of key metrics also enable field operatives to rapidly determine the status of their territories and the performance of their products. All of these business advantages are made possible by the Microsoft. NET-based solution

“The .NET Framework and Visual Studio 2005 provide a comprehensive and flexible toolset that enable BusinessEdge Solutions to quickly and collaboratively provide a powerful application that seamlessly interfaces with existing systems and infrastructure while providing the familiar MS-Office UI environment that is the standard for many field operatives in all sectors,” says Mark Hayward, chief technology officer at BusinessEdge Solutions. “Smart Client, along with ClickOnce, the Web deployment for smart client applications, are major steps forward – allowing BusinessEdge to continually build advanced capabilities into the core product, facilitating quick adoption of new tools and minimizing technical support requirements without compromising the robust feature sets the platform offers.”

About Infragistics
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About BusinessEdge Solutions
BusinessEdge Solutions Inc. is an industry-focused business and technology consulting firm offering operational strategy, business process and systems integration solutions to clients in the communications, financial services and insurance, and life sciences industries. The company drives competitive advantage for its clients by leveraging innovative Velocity Platforms, visualizations of breakthrough business solutions; Reusable Solution Accelerators (RSAs) to reduce the time, cost and risk of client engagements; and EdgeWareTM, pre-engineered solution frameworks. The Smart Manager Platform is one of the firm's many EdgeWareTM solutions. See for a complete listing of all solutions and service offerings.

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