elearning Gender Awareness Course - Men & Women Working Together Bridging Gender Differences

Gender Awareness course for managers and employees designed to help men and women increase their knowledge and understanding of gender views and the impact of differences on work relationships and teamwork.

(PRWEB) December 1, 2004 -- Bridging Gender Differences Elearning Course
One hour course avaliable 24 hours a day/7 days a week for all managers and employees offered by the Diversity Academy, elearning division of the Scottsdale National Gender Institute

Benefits to Business:
·More productive working relationships between men and women
·Increased respect and trust between men and women, men and men, women and women
·Less conflict, miscommunication, and misunderstandings

Who Should Participate:
·Anyone wanting to improve their ability to work effectively and productively with all people

·On-line courseware program based on 10 years of research
.Recorded instructor-led content
.Exercises, Individual participation
.Discussion board & consultation (available upon request)
.Certificate of Completion

Why: Makes it easy for companies to initiate a viable program to address gender issues in the workplace
·Identify ingrained stereotypes and generalizations
·Develop a common language
·Get everyone on “the same page”
·Create awareness to accomplish workplace culture change
·1st step toward creating professional work cultures where men and women work together with understanding, respect and mutual empowerment
·Enhance productivity and retention
·Set the stage by identifying any problems plus offer historical perspective

Topics include:
.Gender as a taproot of diversity
.Understanding the effects of individual filters such as values, gender views, generational views, communication styles, and humor styles
.Generalizations and stereotypes (how they differ)
.Recognize men and women as INDIVIDUALS

Program Elements:
•Develop awareness & knowledge about similarities and differences in gender culture/perspectives
•Understand the impact of differences on work relationships and teams
•Learn tools for improving cross-gender communication and effectiveness
·Gain sensitivity to appropriate behavior at work
·Value & Manage Diversity of Perspectives in ones self
.Develop an action plan for using new tools for greater cross-gender effectiveness

“What’s next?”
Launch pad for additional learning, creating culture change, and realigning the company for increased market share

To enroll: call 480-473-0426; email e-mail protected from spam bots; website www.gendertraining.com & www.diversityacademy.com
Individual and quantity pricing available

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